Green Lantern #57
Green Lantern The Brightest Day-57 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Green Lantern (Volume 4)
Issue Number: 57
First Published: August 25, 2010
Previous Issue: Green Lantern #56
Next Issue: Green Lantern #58

Synopsis for "What Happens In Vegas"Edit

Green Lantern The Brightest Day-57 Cover-2

Green Lantern #57 Cover-2

As Hal and Larfleeze are attacked by Ophidian, who has taken Hector Hammond as a host body, Larfleeze states that he hasn't been entirely honest about how he obtained the Orange Lantern. Ophidian says that Larfleeze was the only being in the universe capable of resisting its tentations, so Larfleeze enslaved it. Ophidian then says that it wants Carol. Lafleeze then says that Ophidian ate his lantern. Hal then decides to go to Las Vegas, and Larfleeze says that he wants to come with him. In Zamaron, the violet light continues to dim, the Zamarons says that if they don't find another energy source for their lantern, their light will be extinguished. Queen Aga'po has been feeding the lantern with her power. One Zamaron states that they must find the Predator, but the Queen says that there is no need, Carol Ferris is in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, Carol receives a transmissionf from the Zamarons, who tell her that she must find the Predator. Later, the Predator approaches a man named Abraham Poitne. Abraham has been in love with a girl named Lisa, taking pictures of her and taping them in a wall in his house. Carol then watches Larfleeze appear in Las Vegas, but she is then attacked by the Predator. Hal arrives to help, and Carol changes into her Star Sapphire costume. The Predator says the it will help Abraham attain true love. It also states that Larfleeze only loves himself, but when the Predator grabs him, Larfleeze sees his family alive. Carol tells Hal it's possible that the entity it's not corrupting its user, but the other way around. Carol then kisses the Preadtor, releasing Abraham. The Zamarons then transport Carol, Hal, Larfleeze, Abraham and the Predator to their homeworld. They plan to imprison the Predator in the Power Batter, but Carol refuses, saying that the hosts are corrupting the entities, not the other way around. The Zamarons try to attack Carol, but Queen Aga'po stops them, saying that their lanterns need their faith to work. Queen Aga'po dies but not before passing on the title of Queen of the Star Sapphires to Carol. Larfleeze then states that he wants to be queen.

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