Green Lantern #15
Green Lantern Vol 5-15 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Green Lantern (Volume 5)
Issue Number: 15
First Published: December 5, 2012
Previous Issue: Green Lantern #14
Next Issue: Green Lantern #16

Synopsis for "Innocent Lives"Edit

Green Lantern Vol 5-15 Cover-3

Green Lantern (Volume 5) Issue #15 Cover-3

Green Lantern Gorish attends to the emergency in Space Sector 2820. Apparently, the mysterious creatures are attacking his homeworld. Although his partner, Vray, wants him to wait for backup, Gorish insists on fighting alone. However, he is too late. The Third Army has taken over his world. In Dearborn, Michigan, Simon arrives at the home of Edward Wale, the guy who owned the van he stole earlier. As he knocks on the door, Wale is shocked that Simon was released from prison. He tries to call the police, but Simon asks for his help in locating the terrorists. Wale invites him to come in, but he secretly loads a gun. At the Dearborn Airport, Agents Fed and Valdez continue their search for Simon. Having already interrogated Simon's family, Fed decides to go wherever Simon would go if he was innocent. In Wale's house, Simon sees blueprints on Wale's table. Suddenly, Wale points his gun at him. Wale reveals that the bomb was supposed to go off under the bridge, but Simon stole the van. Now, Wale wants to kill him so that he can be seen as an American hero. Simon's ring protects him from the shot, but before Simon can attack, the ring runs out of power. Wale continues shooting and Simon attempts to escape. Meanwhile, in the Dead Zone, Hal and Sinestro speak to the mysterious cloaked figure. When they ask about his identity, the cloaked person says that he was both Sinestro's enemy and Hal's friend. He says that they are in the Dead Zone. They are deceased. Wale eventually corners Simon, but Agent Fed enters the house and aims his gun at Wale. Suddenly, Third Army soldiers break into the house. They assimilate Wale, but Simon and Fed escape into the basement. They find a large bomb-making facility, and Fed realizes that Simon is innocent. They arm a bomb and escape the house, before the explosion kills the soldiers. Suddenly, a Green Lantern appears before Simon and Fed. He is B'dg of Space Sector 1014. He is trying to find Hal Jordan before the Guardians realize the Green Lantern Corps knows they have gone mad. At Oa, the Guardians realize the Third Army's growth is causing their power to wane. To solve this, they extract more power from the First Lantern, who promises revenge on the Guardians.

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