Green Lantern #19
Green Lantern Vol 5-19 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Green Lantern (Volume 5)
Issue Number: 19
First Published: April 3, 2013
Previous Issue: Green Lantern #18
Next Issue: Green Lantern #20

Synopsis for "Wrath of The First Lantern, Part Nine"Edit

Hal still remains trapped in the Dead Zone and is contemplating jumping off a cliff so that he can obtain the black ring and fight the First Lantern. Tomar-Re attempts to dissuade him, saying that the dead have no saying in any matters of life. Meanwhile, in the Chamber of Shadows, Sinestro holds Simon at gunpoint and demands to know where the First Lantern is. B'dg and the Templar Guardians attempt to explain the situation to Sinestro, telling him about the First Lantern's origins. Although the Templar Guardians say that they are all allies against the First Lantern, Sinestro disappears in a green flash of light, saying he has no allies. Sinestro teleports to Korugar and appears before Arsona, who is still resentful of him. Attempting to explain the situation, Sinestro takes Arsona to his secret hideout and tells her to get prepare Korugar's army for war. Unfortunately, Volthoom arrives at Korugar and attacks Sinestro. Holding Arsona hostage, Volthoom becomes aware of his feelings towards her. He then makes Sinestro watch an alternate timeline where he did not become a Green Lantern. In that reality, Sinestro and Arsona prepared to defend Korugar from the Qwardians and the Anti-Monitor. They were also in a relationship. Sinestro and Volthoom engage each other, causing an earthquake across the planet. Determined to protect Korugar, Sinestro actually manages to injure Volthoom. Despite this, Volthoom reveals that he did not come to Korugar for Sinestro, he came for its people. The emotions Sinestro has instilled among the Korugarians have fed Volthoom, allowing him to regain his full power. In the Dead Zone, Hal and Tomar-Re witness the arrival of the Korugarians and become aware of Korugar's fate. However, Sinestro is not among them. Knowing that they are out of chances, Hal finally jumps off the cliff. Sinestro hovers among the ruins of Korugar, grief-stricken because of Volthoom's actions. However, he decides to fight Volthoom once last time and regains his Yellow Battery.

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