Green Lantern #4
Green Lantern Vol 5-4 Cover-1.jpg
General Information
Series: Green Lantern (Volume 5)
Issue Number: 4
First Published: December 14, 2011
Previous Issue: Green Lantern #3
Next Issue: Green Lantern #5

Synopsis for "Sinestro: Part Four"[edit | edit source]

Green Lantern (Volume 5) Issue #4 Cover-3

As the Qwardian Central Power Battery attempts to transport him to the Anti-Matter Universe, Hal Jordan thinks back to the problems in his relationship with Carol Ferris. The Battery detects that he isn't Sinestro and halts the transport process. The Green Lantern Power Battery Sinestro had given Hal to extinguish the Central Battery is ejected just before ejecting Hal himself. Romat-Ru theorizes that because of the implausibility of Sinestro betraying the Sinestro Corps he created himself, perhaps he is under the influence of the Guardians or Hal Jordan. The Sinestro Corps throw Hal into a Decharging Cell and plan to kill him when his ring is empty. After several failed attempts to escape, Hal's Green Lantern Power Ring has just enough power for one last construct and he thinks about the last thing he would want to see before the light goes out. He makes a construct of Carol and tells it sorry. Professor Insidd and his assistant Bratha torture Sinestro and try to shatter his Green Lantern Power Ring. After failing to remove Sinestro's Green Lantern Power Ring, they throw him into a cell with a large group of Korugarians, including Arsona. She vents her anger at Sinestro about how she was a fool for supporting his takeover of Korugar. Sinestro actually apologizes for what he did. Hal, who is in the adjacent cell, suggests that Sinestro make rings for all the Korugarians in the cell with him which would give them the manpower needed to expel the Sinestro Corps. After some difficulty, Sinestro is successful in creating enough rings. The Korugarians turn on Sinestro, saying they finally have the chance to take their revenge on him.

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