Green Lantern #8
Green Lantern Vol 5-8 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Green Lantern (Volume 5)
Issue Number: 8
First Published: April 11, 2012
Previous Issue: Green Lantern #7
Next Issue: Green Lantern #9

Synopsis for "The Secret of The Indigo Tribe: Part Two"Edit

Green Lantern Vol 5-8 Cover-3

Green Lantern (Volume 5) Issue #8 Cover-3

Indigo-1 tries to calm Sinestro down, saying that he is among friends. Sinestro prepares his Green Lantern Power Ring, saying he has no friends, but an Indigo Lanterns beats him to the ground and begins to cleanse Sinestro's body of the green energy. Despite this, Sinestro manages to free himself from his shackles and furiously attacks the Indigo Tribesman that hit him earlier as retribution for "violating" him. However, Indigo-1 and her Indigo Lanterns subdue him. Meanwhile at the cell block, Hal continues talking with Black Hand, who says that the Indigo Tribe gave him a new purpose in life. He also says he can cycle through the Emotional Spectrum and manages to recharge his Green Lantern Power Ring. Black Hand blasts Hal through some cells, and some prisoners attack him, but Hal quickly defeats them. He tries to escape but realizes he cannot fly. The Green Lantern Power Ring tells him that the energy Hal absorbed from Black Hand is simulated energy and the Green Lantern Power Ring's power remains limited. Hal asks if he can still create constructs, and the Green Lantern Power Ring replies that they are availabe but unreliable. Hal creates a zipline and a motorcycle to the Indigo Lanterns. Riding through the cell block, Hal manifests a map of the place, and the ring tells him that the dungeon spans over one hundred million square miles, roughly half the size of the planet, whose name is unknown. Hal then finds a massive statue of Abin Sur. Touching a panel on the statue, Hal activates a series of holograms that say that Abin Sur is the savior and creator of the Indigo Lanterns. He saved them all, beginning with his greatest enemy, Indigo-1. Suddenly, Hal is attacked by the Indigo Lanterns, and their Newest Member: Sinestro.

Green Lantern Vol 5-8 Cover-4

Green Lantern (Volume 5) Issue #8 Cover-4

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