Green Lantern Corps #10
Green Lantern Corps Vol 3-10 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Green Lantern Corps (Volume 3)
Issue Number: 10
First Published: Jun 20, 2012
Previous Issue: Green Lantern Corps #9
Next Issue: Green Lantern Corps #11

Synopsis for "Alpha-War: Executioner's Song"Edit

John Stewart is sentenced to death for murder of Kirrt Kallak. The general assembly of the Green Lantern Corps is outraged, and John is taken off to the Alpha Lantern's Alpha Tower for safe holding. Meanwhile, the ring of Space Sector 2541 continues to search for a replacement for Kirrt. It finds a likely candidate in Professor Lig Enak, but after a moment it terminates the recruitment initiation and speeds off. John makes a last request, and apologizes to Kirrt's family whom are understandably upset with him. At the Oan Citadel, the Guardians of the Universe consult with the Alpha Lanterns regarding their judgement. Guy Gardner also bears witness to the meeting in his new capacity. The Alpha Lanterns propose several ways to carry out the sentence, but an enraged Guy feels that the Alphas need to perform the execution themselves. The Guardians concur. Guy then carries out the other part of John's last request, and brings him his last meal. After a "jailbird philosopher" conversation, Guy busts John out of Alpha Tower, along with the help of Kilowog and several other GLs. The Alpha Lanterns attempt to recapture Lantern Stewart, and a battle with the rogue corpsmen ensues. Against his wishes, Guy recharges John's ring. Kilowog and the rogues refuse to stand-down, so the Alpha Corspmen have no choice but to shut down their rings.

Appearing in "Alpha-War: Executioner's Song"Edit

Featured CharactersEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit


Other CharactersEdit

  • Birrt Kallak
  • Lig Enak (First appearance)
  • Mr. Kallak
  • Nira Kallak




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