Green Lantern Corps #17
Green Lantern Corps Vol 3-17 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Green Lantern Corps (Volume 3)
Issue Number: 17
First Published: February 20, 2013
Previous Issue: Green Lantern Corps #16
Next Issue: Green Lantern Corps #18

Synopsis for "Wrath of The First Lantern, Part Two: Decimated"Edit

Guy Gardner is a captive of the First Lantern. As we saw him do with Ganthet, Volthoom unravels the tapestry of Guy's life, looking for key moments to alter in order to create energy that he can use to power himself up so that he can permanently change history. We witness Guy's childhood and the challenges of being the middle child, yet he proves himself when he and his sister fall through the ice and he manages to help save his sister, only to have his father dote on Gerard for being the hero. When Volthoom swaps Guy and Gerard the results are gut wrenching as Guy cannot save his siblings he finds himself enduring his father's wrath. Jumping forward in time we see the event that caused Guy to leave the police force as he is forced to make a decision that saves a greater number of people at the expense of a few. Volthoom undoes Guy's choice revealing that his inability to make the difficult decision results in the death of everyone, Gardner included. Finally Guy's time as a Red Lantern is revisited, only this time he's managed to hold onto his Green Lantern ring with a Sinestro Corps ring chaser, giving him three colors of the spectrum to be wielded against his fellow Green Lanterns. The grisly scene unfolds as Guy lays waste to all his closest members of the Corps, leaving him alone to face his own version of Blackest Night under the attack of a crowd of the undead led by Gerard and Gloria.

Appearing in "Wrath of The First Lantern, Part Two: Decimated"Edit

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