Green Lantern Corps #8
Green Lantern Corps Vol 3-8 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Green Lantern Corps (Volume 3)
Issue Number: 8
First Published: April 18, 2012
Previous Issue: Green Lantern Corps #7
Next Issue: Green Lantern Corps #9

Synopsis for "Alpha-War"Edit

Boodikka, Relok Hag, Varix, and Green Man are called back to the Chambers of The Alpha Lanterns on Oa from Space Sector 1414, Space Sector 0173, Space Sector 0069. and Space Sector 2828 respectively. Kraken has summoned them to review hologram footage of John Stewart breaking Kirrt's neck. The Alpha Lanterns recite their oath and prepare to take him in. A large force of Green Lanterns are preparing to bury the Qwardian Central Power Battery under the surface of Oa and Guy Gardner vehemently voices his protests to leaving it intact and knocks it over. The Guardians summon Guy. He believes they are going to reprimand him but instead have decided to install him in a new position which would put him just below the Guardians themselves in terms of authority. Back at New Warriors, Guy sits down with John, who is constructing what look like a bridge out of toothpicks, and tells him about his meeting with the Guardians. Guy tries to tell him about his new position but a group of mercenaries unwilling to check their weapons causes a disturbance which leads to a bar fight. The Alpha Lanterns break through the wall and announce to everyone that John is under arrest.

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