Green Lantern Corps
General Information
Official name: Green Lantern Corps Honor Guard
First Appearance: Tales of The Green Lantern Corps #1 (May, 1981)
Created by: Mike W. Barr
Len Wein
Joe Staton
Founder(s): Guardians of the Universe
Leader(s): Guardians of the Universe
Current Members: List of Current Green Lantern Corps Honor Guard Members
Former Members: List of Former Green Lantern Corps Honor Guard Members
Allies: Guardians of the Universe
Alpha Lantern Corps
Green Lantern Corps
The Corpse
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Oa
Place of Formation: Oa



The Green Lantern Honor Guard is an elite group of Green Lanterns not restricted to one Sector and were based on Oa. One of the earlier members of this prestigious group was Tomar-Re who summoned the Green Lanterns of the 3600 Space Sectors to Oa in order to brief them on the threat of Krona and his undead master Nekron. Green Lantern Guy Gardner was promoted to Lantern number one (by contrast, Hal Jordan is 2814.1 and John Stewart is 2814.2). Guy serves as a flexible trouble-shooter, aiding any sector in need and has also served in a leadership role during battle. Kyle Rayner is the second known Honor Guard from earth.

The Honor Guard

The Honor Guard is a special force of elite Lanterns who have been chosen for their exemplary service or capabilities to serve full time on Oa. They, partially because Oa is technically in every sector, are not restricted to any one sector and serve as special operative or troubleshooters for the corps. (One of Guy's assignments was to provide backup for Natu when her partner died)They also serve as commanders during Combat situations, such as during the Spider-Guild Assault. Guy Gardner was promoted to the Honor Guard, as Lantern 1 (Hal Jordan is Lantern 2814.1) after his actions during that battle. In addition, after the removal of the Ion symbiote during the Sinestro Corps War, Kyle Rayner was placed as his partner on the Honor Guard.




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