The Green Lantern Wiki is an online resource about Green Lantern anyone can edit. Green Lantern is the name of multiple superheroes from the fictional DC Universe, all of whom are characterized by a power ring and the ability to create solid constructs with the ring. Each Green Lantern possesses a power ring and power lantern that gives the user great control over the physical world as long as the wielder has sufficient willpower and strength to wield it. The ring is one of the most powerful weapons in the universe and can be very dangerous.

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Simon Baz was an just an average Lebanese-American guy from Dearborn, Detroit. When he was ten years old, he and the rest of his family watched their television in horror as airplanes flew into the World Trade Center. As he grew up he and his Muslim family found themselves falling under intense suspicion and ostracism in the days, months and years following the attacks. After the financial crisis hits the Detroit area is one one of the hardest hit areas in the United States. Simon is fired from his job and in a moment of desperation he steals the wrong car, which inadvertently steers him into a terrorism probe. Out of nowhere he is unexpectedly call to join the universe’s galactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps. With their suspect gone, the federal agents interrogating Simon contact Amanda Waller about the siutation, a transmission Cyborg of the Justice League picks up. Cyborg brings the transmission up to Batman and asks if anyone has spoken to Hal Jordan since he quit the league. Meanwhile, Simon lays on the ground, knocked out, while elsewhere, The Third Army begins to spread.

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