Guardian 7
Guardian 7
General Information
Real name: Unknown
First Appearance: Green Lantern #8
Created by: Geoff Johns
Affiliations: Formerly Guardians of the Universe
Home Planet: Oa
Abilities: Cosmic Energy Manipulation
Portrayed by: TBA



The Guardian without Fear


Guardian 7 was one of The Guardians of The Universe who gave Sodam Yat the power of Ion and was present during the final battle against The Anti-Monitor and The Sinestro Corps. He died sacrificing his life in an attempt to destroy Superman-Prime.

Not much was ever revealed about Guardian 7, for the most part he was seen only in the background but had a say in everything The Guardians of The Universe decided on. He played a role in the interrogation of Hank Henshaw a.k.a. The Cyborg Superman concerning the 52 and was one of the Guardians who banished Ganthet and Sayd from Oa. During The Sinestro Corps final assault on Earth, Guardian 7 fought alongside his fellow Guardians of the Universe, The Green Lantern Corps and Earth's Heroes in a bid to stop The Anti-Monitor from destroying Earth and in turn The New Multiverse itself. He was also one of The Guardians who passed the power of Ion onto a Daxamite Green Lantern named Sodam Yat.

Sinestro Corps WarEdit

Following Superman Prime's betrayal of The Anti-Monitor, The Guardians of The Universe...along with Guardian 7 took the fight to Prime since, aside from a now powerless Sinestro, he was the last and perhaps the most dangerous of all The Anti-Monitor's Heralds. During the fight Guardian 7 and Prime came into direct conflict with one another and Prime, in his childish arrogance, began digging into Guardian 7's skull with his fingers. When he did large amounts of energy began to leak out and when Prime inquired as to whether or not it was how Guardians bled, Guardian 7 explained that the energy leak was how Guardians died.


Using all his might Guardian 7 kept Prime, who instantly became overwhelmed with fear and desperately began attempting to remove his hand from 7's skull, in place as he sacrificed his life to destroy Prime. Unfortunately as it was later revealed, all Guardian 7 did was remove Prime atom by atom from the Universe and warped him into The New Multiverse. To make things worse Prime also absorbed most of Guardian 7's lifeforce and became swollen with power, making him even more powerful than before.

This power upgrade also made Prime appear as if he had aged to the point where he looked almost as old as the mainstream Superman. However, while it was only temporary, Prime committed many great atrocities with Guardian 7's powers before he lost them during a fight with Monarch that resulted in the total annihilation of Earth-51. Nevertheless...despite what Prime did with the powers he gained from absorbing Guardian 7's lifeforce. Guardian 7 will always be remembered for the brave sacrifice he made that day, the day when the forces of Good triumphed over the most Fearsome beings in existence and delivered the Universe from the brink of total annihilation.


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