Sinestro Corps
Heralds of The Anti-Monitor
General Information
Official name: Heralds of The Anti-Monitor
First Appearance: Sinestro Corps Special # 1
Created by: Geoff Johns
Ethan Van Sciver
Peter Tomasi
Dave Gibbons
Founder(s): Anti-Monitor
Leader(s): Anti-Monitor
Current Members: Sinestro
Former Members: Superman-Prime
Cyborg Superman
Allies: Sinestro Corps
Status: Inactive
Base of Operations: Qward
Anti-Matter Universe
Place of Formation: Qward
Anti-Matter Universe



Though seemingly destroyed at the Crisis of the Infinite Earths, after the reformation of the Multiverse one of the many beings that were reborn was the cosmic being known as the Anti-Monitor. It was during that time he met the renegade Green Lantern Sinestro and the two formed an alliance in order to conquer the Multiverse. This led to Sinestro enslaving the Weaponers of Qward in order to make them forge countless Qwardian Power Rings so that he could create the Sinestro Corps; an army based on fear that served its guardian the Anti-Monitor. In that time, they continued to recruit further members into their ranks whilst they lived in secret on Qward which was located in the Anti-Matter Universe.

Rise of FearEdit

Whilst preparing for an inevitable conflict, the Sinestro Corps made their initial prelude to the eventual Sinestro Corps War. This led to them attacking Oa where they freed Hank Henshaw, Superboy-Prime, and also took the Parallax Entity from its prison in the Green Lantern Central Power Battery. They also managed to capture the Torchbearer Kyle Rayner and removed the Ion Entity from him allowing him to be bonded with Parallax. With the final addition to their team, the four Heralds of The Anti-Monitor assembled before their guardian in order to start their war. During the all out assault on Earth, each of the heralds were defeated by the superheroes of the world along with members of the Green Lantern Corps. Hank Henshaw was seemingly killed by the explosion of the Qwardian Central Power Battery though was later resurrected by the Manhunters much to his sadness. Parallax was contained within the Green Lantern Power Battery's of Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner when they were assisted by the exiled Oans Ganthet and Sayd. Superman-Prime turned on the wounded Anti-Monitor and shattered his armor whereupon he was thrown into space after which one of the Guardians of the Universe sacrificed himself in order to destroy Prime. Lastly, Sinestro was defeated by Hal Jordan and was taken into custody of the Green Lantern Corps where he was transferred into the Sciencells.




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