Herupa Hando Hu
General Information
Real name: Herupa Hando Hu
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol 2 #1 (August, 1960)
Created by: John Broome
Gil Kane
Steve Englehart
Affiliations: Formerly:
Guardians of the Universe
Home Planet: Oa
Abilities: Cosmic Energy Manipulation

History[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

Herupa Hando Hu was one of the original Guardians of the Universe, born on the planet Maltus over five billion years ago. These Maltusians left their home world millions of years ago when they chose to undertake the commitment of protecting the universe. They relocated to the planet Oa and established themselves as the self-appointed Guardians of the Universe. With his brothers, Herupa was instrumental in the establishment of the Manhunter robot squads as well as their successors, the Green Lantern Corps.

Guardians of The Universe[edit | edit source]

Herupa was one of twenty-two Guardians who survived the Anti-Monitor's assault on Oa. This attack forced the surviving Guardians to rethink their purpose in the universe. Herupa believed that their race had grown stagnant and that it was time to evolve. He initiated a plan to reunite the Oans with their female Maltusian counterparts, the Zamarons. A contingency of Zamarons were invited to Oa to attend a large meeting which also included every member of the Green Lantern Corps. A Zamaron leader named Nadia Safir opposed this plan of unification and Herupa challenged her to a trial by combat. Nadia agreed that should he win, the Oans and the Zamarons would leave this world to settle down in an unknown, uncharted section of the universe. Herupa won the trial and Nadia agreed to become his consort. Twenty-two Guardians paired off with twenty-two Zamarons and left Oa, seemingly forever.

Death[edit | edit source]

A few years later, Herupa and Nadia returned. Herupa knew that the next stage of human evolution would begin on Earth. He selected a group of Earth mortals to serve as the Chosen - those who would lead humanity into the next millennium. Opposing this plan were the Guardians' former agents, the Manhunters. Some years later, the universal embodiment of Fear Parallax took hold of one of the Green Lantern Corps' most prized officers - Hal Jordan. Consumed by Parallax's evil, he absorbed the energy of the Central Power Battery on Oa. The Guardians, weak and dying, channeled their remaining energy into the creation of a single power ring, which was then given to the Earth human Kyle Rayner. Herupa Hando Hu and the remaining Guardians perished during this "Emerald Twilight". The Guardians were later reborn as mixed gendered children when Kyle Rayner used his power as Ion to recharge the Central Power Battery.

The Brightest Day[edit | edit source]

The Butcher

Krona recognized one of the Guardians as Herupa even though none of the Guardians of the Universe seem to remember their own names from so long ago. Herupa leads the immediate charge against Krona, but immediately has his lower jaw snapped off and the Butcher Entity infect him.

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