General Information
Official name: Houseplant
First Appearance: Ganthet's Tale (Volume 1)
Type: Object
Used by: Guardians of the Universe



Houseplants were genetically engineered plants that had been created by the inhabitants of Maltus. The Maltusians were a highly advanced civilization who at their peak had spread across the universe. One of their creations were Houseplants that were designed to serve as homes for their kind. These living trees served as homes yet still grew during their lifespan. Within the plant, there were numerous chambers that acted as rooms for occupants. Some members of the Guardians of the Universe were known to make use of Houseplants. Ganthet had maintained a Houseplant on the planet Scytha. One tribe of Maltusians settled on Earth in Ireland where they were known as Leprechauns and lived in a Houseplant. However, Human habitation caused the Leprechauns to abandon the Houseplant that later died as a result. In the modern day, Ganthet had Green Lantern Corps member Hal Jordan accompany him in search for Maltusian descendants to accompany him on a mission. This saw them uncover the dead remains of the Houseplant and tracked the trail to their new habitation.


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