General Information
Official name: Interceptor
First Appearance: Green Lantern (Vol 4) #65
Type: Starship
Used by: Hal Jordan
Guy Gardner



The Interceptor was originally a transport vessel that was used by the Manhunters which was ultimately found in a junkyard on Oa. At some point, Hal Jordan discovered the vessel and began repairing it with the assistance of Stel who reprogrammed the ships operating system known as Aya. In recent years, Jordan was known to had placed the ship at the secret safehouse on the world codenamed The Green House in order for it to serve as a transport ship for him along with his friends in case the Green Lantern Corps ever turned against them. Despite this being the case, the Interceptor was never tested though it was believed to be the fastest vessel in the known universe. The ship was capable of tracking the energy signatures from a Green Lantern Power Ring.

War of The Green LanternsEdit

Following The Blackest Night, the renegade Maltusian known as Krona began to make his move at getting revenge against his brethren who were the Guardians of the Universe. He started with collecting the various Entities of the Emotional Spectrum who later took the Oans as hosts whilst the Parallax Entity reintroduced the Yellow Impurity into the Green Lantern Central Power Battery. This act allowed Krona to take control of the entirety of the Corps except for a few members that had developed a resistance to Parallax's fear affect. Among these included Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner. Gardner managed to rendezvous with Jordan at the safehouse where they discarded their Power Ring's due to Parallax's corruptive influence on them. After arriving at their secret base, Jordan revealed the Interceptor and used it to plot a navigation course to meet with Stewart along with Rayner. The ship managed to reach Oa where it was attacked by a mind controlled Kilowog who ripped it apart. But not before Jordan and Gardner used the escape pods to reach the planet's surface.

Into The FireEdit

A second Interceptor was present on Oa when the Keepers began their campaign against the Green Lantern Corps. After learning of the threat posed by them, Guy Gardner assembled an elite team of Green Lanterns that also included the veteran members of the Mean Machine. Together, they decided to take a special cargo to fight the Keepers which included Sinestro Corpsmen captives Fat Man and Little Boy. This special payload was transported to the Interceptor and Gardener informed Salaak the reason they were taking the ship was to conserve the energy of their Power Rings for their assignment.


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