Green Lantern
Iolande Animated Series
General Information
Real name: Iolande
Media: Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Portrayed by: Tara Strong (Voice)
Equipment: Green Lantern Power Ring
Green Lantern Power Battery
Transportation: Flight


Iolande AS

Iolande of Betrassus


Born on Betrassus, Iolande was the princess and had a younger brother, Ragnar.

Heir Apparent

Just as Hal and Kilowog arrive on Betrassus to recruit their Green Lantern, Doluk, Iolande had just been crowned queen. She warmly greets Hal and Kilowog. However, as she is unmarried, the strongest warrior can claim her hand and rule as king. Kothack was intent on doing this, but Doluk arrived in time to challenge him and save Iolande's throne. When time came for the challenge, Doluk failed to appear, meaning Kothack would win by default. However, Hal stepped in to challenge him for Iolande's hand. In preparation for the match, Iolande helped Hal practice on their vehicles with a ride in the city. However, Hal's vehicle had been sabotaged and crashed, though Hal remained unharmed. Worried, Iolande asked him to back out of the challenge. It is here where Iolande expresses her self-consciousness and worry that she is not a good enough ruler. Hal reassures her that she is and that he is a good judge of character.

Iolande becomes a Green Lantern

Iolande becomes a Green Lantern.

On the evening of Hal and Kothack's match, Kilowog is poisoned and his ring goes to Ragnar, who had longed to be a Green Lantern. However, this was merely a ruse orchestrated by Hal and Kilowog to get him to confess to killing Doluk. Angered, Ragnar takes Iolande hostage and flees. Hal and Kilowog manage to catch up, but Ragnar held a sword to her and threatened to kill her if he was not allowed to leave. Hal tells Iolande to put the ring on, having deduced that Doluk's ring chose her after Doluk died. Iolande puts the Power Ring on and becomes a Green Lantern. Ragnar attempts to kill her with a sword, but she easily stops him. With Ragnar imprisoned for his crimes, Kothack declares she is a great ruler and pledges his loyalty to her. Later, she asks Hal how he figured out Ragnar was the killer and how she had the ring. When Hal asks if she will join them in their fight against the Red Lanterns, Iolande sadly declines, saying that even though she is a Green Lantern, she is Betrassus' queen and duty to her people comes first. She kisses Hal goodbye and thanks him for everything.

Iolande kisses Hal

Iolande kisses Hal.

Powers and Abilities

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Season One


  • Being Queen She Is Torn In Duty Similar To Fellow Royal Queen Diana Prince(Wonder Women).


  • She Is The First Female Also The First Royal blood Green Lantern Shown And The First None Human Love Interest Of Hal Jordan.


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