Irene Miller
Irene Miller
General Information
Real name: Irene Miller
First Appearance: All American Comics (Vol 1) #8
Created by: Bill Finger
Martin Nodell
Affiliations: Apex Broadcasting Company



Irene Miller was a secretary for the Apex Broadcasting Company of Gotham City, working directly under engineer Alan Scott. They met in strange circumstances during New York's World Fair. Irene tried to assassinate Murdock, a local gang lord, by shooting him in cold blood within the Condor Cafe. Alan stopped her and demanded explanations. Irene explained her reasons for hating Murdock. Danny Miller, her brother, was once a member of Murdock's gang. He had attempted to quit at some point, earning Murdock's wrath. Danny was knocked unconscious, bathed in whiskey and abandoned inside a vehicle involved in a hit and run "accident". He was imprisoned for manslaughter. Green Lantern took the case, working for Danny's exoneration. For a common secretary, several of Irene's latter stories had her involved in adventures. Transporting plans for experimental devices, working undercover to locate security threats to the company, facing spies and saboteurs. Invariably receiving help from Green Lantern. She was gradually phased out in favor of Doiby Dickles.

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  • Irene Miller once owned a race horse named "Jersey Queen".

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