Jim Jordan
Jim Jordan
General Information
Real name: James Jordan
First Appearance: Showcase (Vol 1) #22
Created by: John Broome
Gil Kane
Portrayed by: Nick Jandl



The youngest Jordan brother, Jim is always supportive of his older brother Jack's political career. Initially reporter Sue Williams believed that Jim was really the Green Lantern and so sought to get Jim to expose his "secret". Whenever Jim tried to disprove her accusations, some involvement of the Green Lantern would cause Sue to doubt him, unknown to both that Green Lantern was secretly Jim's older brother Hal. Jim would go on to date Sue, and the two would eventually marry. In the modern era, Jim and his family are aware of Hal's secret identity as Green Lantern and in Green Lantern: Secret Origin, it would reveal that after his battle against Atrocitus, Hal disclosed his secret identity to Jim.

Powers and Abilities

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Green Lantern

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