Justice League of America #44
Justice League of America The Brightest Day-44 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Justice League of America (Volume 2)
Issue Number: 44
First Published: June, 2010
Previous Issue: Justice League of America #43
Next Issue: Justice League of America #45

Synopsis for "Devil in the Details"Edit

Justice League of America The Brightest Day-44 Cover-2

Justice League of America: The Brightest Day Issue #44 Cover-2

In “the Kitchen”, the Justice League’s state of the art environment simulator, Batman (Dick Grayson) and Donna Troy spar with Starman (Mikaal Tomas) and Congorilla (Bill) against a holographic version of the Injustice League. They are acclimating themselves with each other's abilities when the Watchtower is rocked by a collision with a large green meteor. The hull is breached and Donna is thrown into space. She is rescued by Mikaal and the Watchtower automatically seals the breach. The meteorite eventually crash lands in the Black Forest, Germany where it draws the attention of the Die Rakete-Auslese, but they’re immolated by the Demon Etrigan before they can approach it. The JLA arrive seconds later and the Batman quenches the guardsmen while the other three wrangle Etrigan. Donna eventually gets him into her “Lasso of Persuasion” and compels him to revert to Jason Blood.

Meanwhile in the JSA’s Headquarters (currently the old JLA base in Happy Harbour), an unconscious Alan Scott is attended by Doctor Midnite and the JSA. Scott is glowing green, but the light is getting brighter as he weakens. The JSA is aware that the JLA is investigating the emerald meteorite, but they are warned by the sorcerer Sebastian Faust that these events are both omens of “the end of the world.”

Jason Blood is disorientated and explains that he had been on a mission for Baron Winters in Budapest when he saw the falling meteorite and was compelled, possessed even, to change into Etrigan and chase after it. He can’t fully explain his own actions. The impact of the meteorite should have devastated Europe, but it landed relatively gently. Blood thanks the League for subduing Etrigan and then leaves them as puts distance between himself and the strange effects of the meteorite. Congorilla and Donna pull apart a weakened fissure in the meteorite to reveal the unconscious body of Jade, Alan Scott’s daughter, cocooned inside.

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  • Germany
  • Black Forest
  • United States of America
  • Rhode Island
  • Happy Harbor
  • Justice Society Headquarters



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