Justice Society of America #42
Justice Society of America The Brightest Day-42 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Justice Society of America (Volume 3)
Issue Number: 42
First Published: August 18, 2010
Previous Issue: Justice Society of America #41
Next Issue: Justice Society of America #43

Synopsis for "The Dark Things, Part Four"Edit

Justice Society of America The Brightest Day-42 Cover-2

Justice Society of America: The Brightest Day Issue #42 Cover-2

The Guardians of the Universe are aware of the Starheart’s activity and have dispatched Green Lantern Kyle Rayner to stop the Starheart. Kyle argues with Jade that he’s there to help, but she panics when he tells her that he’s authorised to use any means necessary to stop the Starheart. A moment of indecision is enough for Obsidian to touch Jade’s hand causing them to merge into a combined entity that speaks with both their voices. The possessed Jade/Obsidian then starts attacking Batman’s JLA/JSA team.

In the Starheart’s throne room Faust has deduced that they are just talking to a construct and that the Starheart/Alan Scott’s primary body is elsewhere. This is why it needs Doctor Fate’s power to hold them captive. Doctor Mid-Nite overhears their conversation and pulls Fate’s helmet off of Kent Nelson’s head disrupting Fate’s spells. Wildcat shatters the Scott construct leaving Mid-Nite free to rush Starman’s crystal back to him.

The real Starheart/Alan Scott is on Earth having fun fighting Supergirl and Power Girl, but he teleports away when he senses the destruction of his double on the moon. Mister Terrific then summons Power Girl and Supergirl to help him at the Watchtower. Back on the Moon, Jade/Obsidian are rapidly draining Kyle’s ring as a new round of constructs attack the heroes. It looks like Doctor Fate’s arrival may shift the balance in their favour, but that’s instantly countered by the arrival of Starheart/Alan Scott.

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