Green Lantern
Kentor Omoto
General Information
Real name: Kentor Omoto
First Appearance: Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #6
Affiliations: Former:
Green Lantern Corps
Black Lantern Corps
Sector: Space Sector 0112
Home Planet: Jayd
Abilities: Indomitable Will
Portrayed by: Tony Amendola (Voice)


Kentor Omoto

Kentor as the Golden Dragon.


Kentor Omoto was the Green Lantern of Jayd in Space Sector 112. He served for many years, and primed his daughter, Laira, as his successor. Omoto raised Laira on honor and tradition. As a native of Jayd, Omoto resented the Draez council's decision to slowly abolish timeless rules. He left Jayd during the so-called Crisis on Infinite Earths. Returning to Jayd, he was shocked to find the city of X'ol had become depraved and dishonorable. Omoto used his power ring to influence the Draez council to rescind their edicts. His plan worked until the Guardians of the Universe discovered his actions. Kentor Omoto was charged with political interference, and stripped of his power ring. He was returned to the Draez council who then banished him.

His Daughter

Many years later, Laira was considered to take his place as a Green Lantern. The Guardians came to Jayd with news of her father's death. Laira was under the tutelage of one of the Guardians of the Universe. Her training nearing completion, she was sent on a mission to her home world. On Jayd, Kentor Omoto located a small cult that had worshiped him when he was a Green Lantern. They helped create the identity of the Golden Dragon, to remake X'ol in their image. The Golden Dragon had terrorized X'ol. Laira went to his castle to face him, and discovered the Golden Dragon was actually her father, Kentor Omoto. Laira would later learn the Guardians needed to be assured she was without fear by sending her to confront her father. The exercise would be an excellent way to judge her skills and loyalty. Omoto tried to get his daughter to join him by betraying the ideals of the Green Lantern Corps. She was opposed to this, and they fought once again. Defeated by Laira, Kentor Omoto asked for death rather than living with his disgrace. When Laira refused, he committed ritual suicide.

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