Kilowog Batman The Brave and The Bold
General Information
Real name: Kilowog
Media: Batman: The Brave and The Bold
Portrayed by: Diedrich Bader (Voice)
Equipment: Green Lantern Power Ring
Green Lantern Power Battery
Transportation: Flight



Kilowog was a tough and grim Green Lantern Corps member who was seen escorting a prisoner to his holding cell. After fellow Lantern Guy Gardner caused the prisoner to go on a rampage he was quickly knocked out by the prisoner but was seen up and waking up in time to see Batman lecturing Guy. He is also seen as part of Hal Jordan’s attack force. He soon falls under Despero’s control and is trapped in Hal Jordan’s ring but is seen to fine after being freed by Batman. During the evnts of the attack by The Reach Kilowog is guarding Oa's defensive grid before being knocked out by Blue Beetle. He takes part in the Battle for Oa against The Reach and he and Guy have a small discussion taking into consideration that this might be there last battle in which Guy says that it has been 'A pleasure' working with his fellow Lanterns.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Season OneEdit

  • "Day of The Dark Knight!"
  • "The Eyes of Despero!"

Season TwoEdit

  • "Revenge of The Reach!"
  • "Siege of Starro!: Part One and Part Two"

Batman: The Brave and The Bold (Volume 1)Edit

  • Batman: The Brave and The Bold (Vol 1) #17
  • Batman: The Brave and The Bold (Vol 1) #19


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