Green Lantern
Kristax hs
General Information
Real name: Krista X
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol 2 #166 (July, 1983)
Created by: Joey Cavalieri
George Tuska
Affiliations: Green Lantern Corps
Sector: Space Sector 0863
Home Planet: TBA
Partner: TBA
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



The Guardians of the Universe recruited the rookie Green Lantern Krista X to participate in a secret psychological testing division of the Green Lantern Corps. This division was responsible for orchestrating elaborate and sometimes cruel tests of a Lantern's mental fitness.

The Test of Hal JordanEdit

At one point, the Guardian's became concerned that Hal Jordan's recent battle with the wizard Myrwhydden had damaged the Lantern's mind. To test Jordan, the Guardians orchestrated a "psychodrama" involving Krista X. As the testing unfolded, Krista grew disgusted with the cruel experiments Jordan endured. She began to doubt the Guardians and her place in the Corps.

In response, the Guardians gave Krista a memory crystal containing the stories of the Green Lanterns Meeno Monak and Symon Terraynce to illustrate to Krista how the life of a Green Lantern was filled with continuous tests. After learning of the deeds of these fellow Lanterns and weighing her own feelings, Krista X decided to remain in the Corps. Over time, Krista's disenchantment with the psychological testing division lingered. She quit the division in disgust and returned to patrolling Sector 863. Despite the Guardians repeated orders to return to her post, Krista has avoided Oa completely and will only return in the event of a Code Zero, a planetary attack on the Guardian homeworld.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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