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General Information
Real name: Krona
First Appearance: Green Lantern #40 (October 1965)
Created by: John Broome
Gil Kane
Affiliations: Formerly:
Guardians of the Universe
Home Planet: Formerly:
Abilities: Genius-Level Intellect
Portrayed by: Clancy Brown (Voice)


The Maltusian Scientist Krona.


Krona was born on the planet Maltus during the height of the Maltusians civilization when they had reached the peak of their evolution by becoming immortal beings around four billion years ago. This period of his species existence saw them ceasing to reproduce and dividing their lines between males and females in order to better control their growing overpopulation problem. At this time, he was a scientist and a member of the Oans who was charged with being the keeper of the Entities of the Emotional Spectrum after it was deemed by his brethren that these creatures were dangerous beings on the cosmos. Thus, Krona became their jailer with the Fear Elemental known as the Parallax Entity being imprisoned in a box whilst his laboratory contained a map that led to a temple on the world of Okaara which held the captive Ophidian Entity. In this time, among Krona's closest friends was Ganthet though unlike his fellow kin; Krona believed that feeling emotion was essential in controlling it. At some point, Krona also created a Power Gauntlet and rebelled against the Guardians which led to the Manhunters being dispatched to apprehend him. However, he managed to defeat the androids and used a damaged robot to cause a personality glitch in the Manhunters which brought about the Massacre of Sector 666 in order to prove the flaws in an unfeeling machine police force. During this time, the few remaining young Maltusians were assigned a watchmen of the same gender with Krona being tasked to watch over Herupa Hando Hu. However, instead, Krona became fixated on a secret forbidden experiment in time travel which involved witnessing the origins of the universe itself. This was due to a myth that was actually perpetrated by Dawlakispokpok who created an elaborate ruse about his people in order to prevent outsiders from witnessing their early origins and using it as weapon against them. Krona's actions later attracted the attentions of the Oan Council including its head Appa Ali Apsa who grew increasingly concerned over his actions. This was firstly due to his neglect of the young Herupa Hando Hu but Krona's continued use of the time viewer became a more serious problem.

Just as the Oan Council intervened, Krona conducted his experiment where he scanned into the distant future in order to look at the beginning of time by observing past the end. This event around ten billion years ago linked the beginning of creation to the end of time which allowed Krona to witness the birth of the cosmos where he saw a giant hand clutching at a galaxy full of stars. As he gazed at this moment, reality itself shattered with legend stating that a wave of evil spread across the universe as a result of the event and that the Anti-Matter Universe was formed in the Multiverse as a result. The incident also created the Monitor on the moon of the planet Oa and his dark counterpart the Anti-Monitor on the moon of Qward. In addition to their creation, Krona's actions which linked the birth of creation to its end led to the universe being robbed of one billion years of potential life. Thus, the introduction of entropy itself was added and meant that the cycle of rebirth meant that it was possible that the universe would lack enough energy to create a new Big Bang when the time came for existence to collapse once more. For his part in this event, Krona was punished by the Oans who destroyed his physical body and turned him into a disembodied being of pure energy that was sent to circle the universe for all of time. Following this incident, Krona's brethren departed their homeworld for the planet Oa where they attempted to undo the damage done by him and adopted the mantle of becoming the Guardians of the Universe. They in turn named one of their security directives for the Central Power Battery on Oa after him and was called the Krona Protocol. The actions of Krona had a lasting impact on the universe and was responsible for the rise of a technological cult that became known as the Hand of Krona who believed they could bring about positive influences to the cosmos through the use of technology.


The Renegade Oan Krona.

For countless centuries, Krona's energy form crossed the cosmos until he arrived on the planet Earth where he learnt of the Green Lantern Alan Scott and his magically based Power Ring that could be used as a means of escape. After flying over Gotham City, Krona made his form glow as if it were a meteor which attracted Alan Scott's attention who tried to stop what he believed was falling space debris. By using his Power Ring, he created a conduit through which the ancient Maltusian scientist could gain a direct link to the magical device. Once inside, he used his great power to temporarily empower Scott with the ability to take control over wooden objects which caused Alan to seek out the help of Hal Jordan of the Green Lantern Corps. Before he could meet Jordan, however, Krona departed the Power Ring after having his own power fully restored. In order to learn of what had happened, Jordan suggested to Scott to use the Ring to discover what resulted after contact with the meteor whereupon he discovered the existence of Krona. In the mean time, the Guardians of the Universe became aware of Krona's escape and journeyed to Earth to find him. Krona's presence on the Earth caused evil to permeate into the surroundings with tectonic activity rising along with other strange disasters which threatened to destroy Coast City. Knowing of the Guardians arrival, Krona quickly took control over Alan Scott's body whilst the Green Lanterns sought to preserve order. Through that body, he managed to exert control over the Guardians themselves but was unable to do so on Hal Jordan. Using the Guardians under his command, Krona had them command Jordan to return his Power Ring and make Alan Scott the new Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814.

Jordan, however, refused with a fight erupting between the two Green Lanterns which led to Krona using Alan Scott to knock out Hal Jordan. Unknown to the Maltusian scientist, Jordan had survived due to his Power Ring which protected him from a mortal blow. In the mean time, Krona used his seemingly achieved victory to create a time viewer in order to conduct his forbidden experiment once more. Believing himself now free of any threat, he no longer disguised himself and now showed his true form where he formed a duplicate of Scott's Power Ring. This device was to be taken with him to an alternate universe to escape in case the ancient legend of universal destruction proved to be true and Krona believed the magical ring would protect him from harm. But before he could finish his experiment, Jordan arrived on the scene and was now empowered by the disembodied might of Alan Scott who gave the Green Lantern the ability to affect the yellow coated objects by copying the earlier trick used by Krona. Whilst surprised, the Maltusian managed to unleash cosmic lightning on his enemy but the combined willpower of Scott and Jordan managed to break Krona's hold over the Guardians. With his concentration broken, the freed Oans destroyed the time viewer whereupon they returned Krona into his formless energy state. The renegade was once more sent into space in order to continue his eternal sentence of wandering the cosmos forever.

Land of the Dead

Krona leads Nekron's Undead Army.

Though beaten and reduced to energy, Krona was still effectively alive and his form managed to intrude upon the Realm of the Dead which was ruled by the cosmic force of death known as Nekron. His entry into the dimension where the souls of the dead passed before reaching their final destination created a unique paradox. Seeing this creature, the Lord of the Living restored Krona to his original form and even further empowered him which made him far stronger than he was previously. His entry into the Realm of the Dead created a rift between realities allowing Nekron to gaze into the mortal universe and he hungered for the souls of the living. Thus, he dispatched the renegade Maltusian to fight against his own brethren; the Guardians of the Universe with the task of killing them as each Oan death led to the rift between dimensions widening. Krona's ultimate aim was to create a large enough rip in reality to allow Nekron access to the mortal dimension whereupon the two would destroy the universe so that it could be recreated anew. His Oan brethren, however, sensed his return and called the Green Lantern Corps to Oa to assemble whilst a number of Guardians were sent to confront Krona. With an army of undead souls rallied behind him, Krona promised death to his Maltusian brethren and he succeeded in even shattering the Central Power Battery on Oa which injured Skyrd of Multu whilst killing Spak-Drom of Xerses. The portal to the Realm of the Dead was later discovered by the Guardians but they were unable to close it and thus sent one of their number to summon the Green Lantern Corps. This led to the Green Lanterns searching for Krona and Stel of Grenda uncovered the renegade but was swiftly defeated and torn apart by him whereupon he left the robot for dead.

In the mean time, a division of the Green Lantern Corps led by Tomar-Re encountered Krona's undead army and the two sides battled in space leading to casualties on both forces. This opportunity allowed Krona to arrive on Oa where he awaited the return of the Green Lanterns and used his dark lightning attack to claim several of their numbers lives. Among those that did not fall was Hal Jordan who channeled the willpower of nearby fallen Power Rings and used them against Krona but the attack was useless against him as he tore the emerald blast in half. Reading Jordan's mind, he threatened to kill the Green Lantern of Earth but ultimately decided against it as he wanted him to watch as the universe suffered and died as it was to be contracted into the primal atom. Krona returned to Nekron's side in order to kill the Guardians where he ended the life of one of their number with his bare hands. Though all seemed lost, the tide turned when Krona was surprised to see the Green Lanterns rallied under the leadership of Hal Jordan with their number striking back against the Maltusian. The fighting saw some dissent within the ranks of the undead army as Tylot turned against Nekron and Krona in order to aid the Green Lantern Corps after he saved the life of Arisia of Graxos IV. The turned against Krona when Hal Jordan traveled into Nekron's realm and began to rally the souls of the dead to turn against the Lord of the Unliving. This saw the souls of hundreds of slain Green Lanterns attack Nekron which was an act that ultimately weakened Krona as his masters strength was slowly depleted. As a result, the undead army was broken and they retreated back to their masters dimension with Krona among their ranks. Once they entered the portal, Hal Jordan managed to escape the Realm of the Dead just as the dimensional tear closed. Before this happened, Krona vowed revenge against the Guardians and promised that he would return to destroy them.


Krona as Entropy.

Unknown to many, the ancient crime that Krona was responsible for was not entirely his doing. As a result of the incident with the time viewer, the Guardian known as Dawlakispokpok felt responsible for the event due his creation of the myth about his peoples eternal existence as well as being responsible for making the universe in order to protect his race from being attacked in the distant past. Four billion years later, he attempted to rectify the incident by using a time platform to journey back in time and kill Krona by using his equipment to plunge the scientist into a warp created in the last moments of the universe through which he ceased to exist among the total entropy. With his Zamaron mate Thwarcharchura and two children Darthartheen along with Doranchatok, this family's actions had a visible effect on the cosmos which attracted the attention of Ganthet who recruited Hal Jordan and Percival to stop Dawlakispokpok's plans. The fight between the two sides led to the destruction of the time platform leading to a loss in containment that erupted in entropy being released. This act killed Dawlakispokpok leaving his ruined body behind and left his mate a withered old woman. Furthermore, the event linked the end of time to the beginning of creation thus leading to a pre-destination paradox being fulfilled as they were actually responsible for the incident that Krona was guilty for during his experiment.

With the circle being fulfilled, the actions of Dawlakispokpok infused Krona's body with anti-energy and transformed him into a powerful cosmic being who called itself Entropy and was the manifestation of that universal force. As Entropy, Krona emerged once more in order to destroy the Guardians of the Universe and remove their imposed order on the universe so that existence could end its endless cycle of creation along with recreation. Amongst his first targets were the New Guardians who were on Kroef's Island where he manifested black worms of anti-energy to kill the Chosen. All were absorbed except for the head of Floro and Tom Kalmaku with the two fleeing in order to call upon the aid of Hal Jordan. Upon arriving on the scene, Jordan witnessed the entire island being consumed by black energy with his power beam being absorbed by the darkness with him being plunged into the sea. There, Entropy's voice filled his mind and told him of the betrayal of the Guardians and that their return from their Retreat was a violation of the third law. Thus, just as the Chosen had fallen, the voice claimed that the Green Lantern Corps would also be destroyed. Afterwards, the black orb of Entropoids departed and Jordan attempted to follow it but failed. As Jordan sought explanations, Entropy emerged on Oa itself where it attempted to create chaos among the Green Lantern Corps by turning them against their masters whilst the Soldiers of the Third Law were formed to bring about the destruction of the Guardians of the Universe.

Whilst seeking to divide the Corps, Entropy sought to destroy the Green Lantern Central Power Battery and promised to turn those that turned against the Guardians into his loyal soldiers who would learn all the secrets of the cosmos. However, the Green Lanterns refused his offer and fought against Entropy along with his minions. During the fight, the Guardians finally revealed to Jordan that the entity known as Entropy was actually Krona who sought their destruction in order to prevent their duty in ensuring the rebirth of the universe following the next Big Bang. Despite the unity of the Corps, Entropy succeeded in destroying the Central Power Battery which depowered the Green Lantern Power Ring's used by various Corpsmen. Whilst he continued to try and divide his foes, Jordan flew into Entropy's body in order to connect to various minds within that were previously attempted to communicate with him. There, he learnt that the New Guardians were still alive and their bodies were being slowly destroyed to feed Entropy. By uniting the Green Lantern Corps Willpower with that of the New Guardians, Jordan managed organize them in order to create order within the chaotic body of Entropy. This forced proved to be too powerful for Krona and his anti-energy body and that of his servants exploded with the dark force of Entropy shooting into the stars which signaled his defeat as the Green Lantern Corps prevailed once more against this threat.

Sometime afterwards, the Guardians of the Universe along with the Green Lantern Corps was destroyed at the hands of Hal Jordan when he went insane and became Parallax. This saw Entropy reforming and continuing his mission by bringing about the destruction of the planet Alaxos after sensing that his enemies had perished. His actions attracted the attention of NEMO who mistakenly believed him to be Parallax and sent the Darkstars to combat him which led to Donna Troy with her two Deputies; Carla White and Mo Douglas being dispatched. They quickly discovered to their surprise that their foe was not Jordan and battled Entropy though their maser beams proved ineffective against him. As they fought, the chronically disturbances caused by Parallax during Zero Hour created a rupture in time which brought the Darkstar Vardan Radz into the present and this was repeated again with Abin Sur. The two joined forces with the three Darkstars and fought against Entropy but their attacks proved powerless against the cosmic being. This was until a simultaneous attack was made by Sur and Radz which caused them along with Entropy to seemingly disappear. Donna Troy later speculated that the two superheroes might had caused a black hole to form with their attack which negated the effects of Entropy thus defeating him.


The cosmic egg containing Krona was later stolen by Despero and used as a power source by Enigma of the Antimatter Universe and Morgaine le Fey to reshape reality as the Dark Trinity, using the egg as a conduit to warp the world with magic. When the spell failed, Krona was freed. Following a lead he found during his confrontation with the Grandmaster (stating that all universes have awareness and thoughts of their own), he contacted the Controllers to help him contact the New Earth universe's consciousness. The Controllers were skeptical, and instead attempted to restrain Krona and study his energies. Enraged, Krona destroyed the laboratory planet of the Controllers and found the planet's consciousness, "freed" from its prison of matter. Krona then set out to do this to as many planets as he could so as to ultimately bring war upon the Universe's consciousness itself. Krona was then approached by the Dark Trinity seeking his power to fend off the returned Trinity (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman). Morgaine offered the planet Earth's consciousness in return, intending to replace it with the soul of Enigma's daughter. Krona accepted and this resulted in a battle between him, the JLA, Justice Society of America, Titans, Teen Titans, the God like trinity consisting of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman, and other various heroes, aliens, and villains. During the height of the battle, Krona was imprisoned, but was set free by Morgaine, who had finally snapped, claiming that if she could not have the world, then nobody would. Following that, Krona unleashed his powers and destroyed the Earth. Moments after Earth's destruction Krona encountered its essence, the Worldsoul. Krona inquired about the law of universes, wishing to know how the Worldsoul and other entities like it function and exist, hoping to learn of some higher plan or design. However, he was horrified to learn that the Worldsoul has no actual function other than to simply exist, resonate and, most importantly, to feel, to share in the positive emotions of every life form that dwells upon its surface, at one with the Universe in a Great Dance with the other souls of worlds. This explanation, such as it is, defied all logic and science Krona had studied, and he believed this rendered himself and his entire life, in effect, pointless. In a fit of rage, he attempted to destroy the Worldsoul, but was stopped by the Trinity, who had survived the destruction of Earth. Combining their powers with that of the Worldsoul, they imprisoned Krona and re-formed the Earth, restoring everything and everyone to the way it was prior to its destruction. Krona's ultimate fate was to be remade as the Worldsoul of an alternate Earth, this time imprisoned for all eternity.

The Brightest Day

Krona Returns.

During the Blackest Night, Krona had managed, using ancient Maltusian evolutionary tapestry technology, to rebuild himself a body, and create a form of base of operations on Ryut where, from afar, he captured and imprisoned the Fear Entity, Parallax, after it had been excorcised from Hal Jordan on Earth. He also travels to the star of Daxam, where Sodam Yat is imprisoned with the Ion entity. Krona removes Sodam from the star and Ion from his body, giving him a new ring before sending him plummeting to the planet below. In addition, he appears in the Unknown Sectors on the hidden world being used by Zardor where the telepathic warlord seemingly aids the renegade Maltusian in his shrouded plans

He is later found speaking to Hector Hammond, and freeing him from his prison via mind-controlled rats. The Maltusian informs Hammond of the Orange Lantern Power Battery, which Hammond promptly goes in search of. He then appears before Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, Saint Walker and the Adara Entity, Larfleeze, and the Indigo Tribe and Proselyte, using Parallax to possess the Flash. Still wrapped in the tapestries, no one recognises him as he manages to fend off all of their attacks, and take possession of all three of the present entities. Hal Jordan remarks on his similar appearance to a Guardian, as he has a large head and a shrunken body. Krona reacts violently to any mentioning of the Guardians, and replies that his identity is not a secret, he is merely using the Maltusian Evolution Tapestries to heal his body, which the Guardians destroyed many times. The Tapestries fall away, and is revealed, once tall and muscular, to be shrunken and malformed, but no less Krona.

During the battle, Krona gets attacked by the assembled members of the New Guardians who were aided by the Emotional Entities within their hosts. However, the renegade simply uses chains to rip the Entities from their hosts after the arrival of the possessed Hector Hammond. With them, he departs the planet in order to begin the next stage of his plans on Oa. During the journey, he also arrived on Zamaron in order to capture the Predator Entity. Once he arrived on Oa, Krona revealed himself to the Guardians who prepared themselves to fight the renegade though he simply used the Entities to forcibly possess the Oans. The six remaining Guardians thus fall under Krona's will and the Maltusian dispatches Parallax into the Central Power Battery thus reintroducing the Yellow Impurity. This act leads to fear being experienced by the entire Green Lantern Corps who fell under Krona's mind control as he decided to embark on a new cosmic plan for the universe.

War of The Green Lanterns

With the Green Lanterns under his command, Krona began using Mogo to send countless new Power Rings to forcibly recruit new members as part of his growing army. Though in command of the Corps, he was unable to control a small number of beings that had been previous hosts of Parallax. This included the Earth Green Lanterns along with Kilowog and Ganthet. However, Kilowog is captured and Krona uses his powers to forcibly control him whilst Ganthet is held prisoner. The Human Green Lanterns in the mean time abandoned their Green Power Rings in order to be free from Parallax's influence and used the Power Rings of the New Guardians. After being divided, Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner both attempted to purge the Central Power Battery of Parallax but were ambushed by the possessed Oans as well as defeated. From the defeated pair, Krona takes back his old Power Gauntlet which he had previously believed was destroyed by the Guardians. It was at that point that Krona revealed his plans by encasing the two Humans in Maltusian Evolution Tapestries in order to transform them into beings such as himself. The reasoning for this was because Krona felt that the Oans had lost touch with the universe by distancing themselves from emotion which meant that they needed to be replaced in order to better govern the cosmos in order.

His plan was interrupted by the sudden death of Mogo at the hands of John Stewart. The psychic death scream knocks out the possessed Green Lanterns and leaves Krona along with all Oans in intense traumatic pain. This allowed Guy Gardner to knock Krona out temporarily whilst he along with his comrades removed Parallax from the Central Power Battery. However, Krona quickly recovers with the possessed Oans at his side whereupon he resumes his plan on using the Humans to help him govern the universe. Whilst the Corps gathered and battled the Entities, Krona revealed to Jordan that he did not intend the Green Lantern Corps destruction but rather he wanted his revenge on the Guardians for casting him out for simply feeling emotion. In addition, he wanted to repair the damage caused by the Oans who he claimed were unfeeling power-mad monsters which led him into a fight with Ganthet. Telling Ganthet to never call him a brother Guardian due to his act of betrayal, their fight continued and his distraction allowed Kyle Rayner to release the New Guardians from within the Book of The Black. As their Power Rings attempted to return to their owners, they were overridden by Krona and came upon his hands. Smiling with glee, Krona used the various Power Rings to knock Ganthet out of their fight whereupon he directed his attention to Jordan once more.

Hal Jordan Kills Krona.

Using snake-like constructs from the various lights, Krona demanded to know why Jordan served the Guardians after they created the Manhunters, betrayed the First Lantern and never shed a tear for any of their followers that died in battle. Upon hearing Jordan's response, he declared the Human to be as flawed as the Oans and stated that no one could help the Guardians. Sending shocks into Jordan's body, Krona stated that his pain made him happy but this distraction allowed a depowered Sinestro to attack the mad Guardian from behind. However, without a Power Ring, he was easily overpowered but a Green Lantern Power Ring emerged and latch onto Sinestro's finger turning him into a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Breaking free, the two attacked the renegade Maltusian together but Krona laughed at their efforts whilst stating that he was immortal. Jordan responded stating that the Maltusian was only old and managed to kill him despite the Power Rings programmed to not allow their users to kill a Guardian. The black withered body of Krona collapsed allowing the Power Rings to return to the New Guardians whilst the Oans inspected the renegade's dead corpse.


During the Guardians deliberations, they decided to honor Krona for his previous acts of good by interning him within the Crypts of The Green Lantern Corps with Salaak being assigned with making a place for him. This act infuriated Morro who called the Earth Lanterns who objected to the placement of the villain within the Crypts though the Chief Administrator of the Corps stated that the Guardians will was going to be done. As such, Krona was placed within a crypt and his dead body resided there until Ganthet arrived. In order to honor the Pact with Atrocitus, he decided to teleport the dead Maltusians body to Ysmault in order to partly fulfill the terms of the Pact. He succeeded when his Oan brethren arrived and Ganthet stated he had no regret as this act would prevent Atrocitus from launching a new War of Light. However, the Guardians stated that they did not want to discuss that with him as they had some other purpose for meeting him. Atrocitus has since kept the body of the fallen Guardian on Ysmault where he speaks to the dead corpse about his actions and those of his Red Lanterns. During this time, the corpse disappeared from its place on an altar and led to some claims that Krona may not have been killed after all but survived Hal Jordan's attack whereupon he was hiding on Ysmault whilst trying to regain his strength. However, the body is later found to have been consumed by the proto Red Lantern known as Abysmus who flayed him and wore his skin to gain power. The "Electric Ghost" of Krona was found outside the chamber of the great heart on Maltus, where he explained his origin to Atrocitus. Later Volthoom who had come to collect the great heart would destroy this last reminisce of Krona possibly ending his threat for all time.

Powers and Abilities


Krona possesses a supreme genius-level intellect, but his arrogance, lack of patience, and short temper has gotten the better of him.

Like the rest of his species, Krona possesses enhanced physical abilities; vast psionic powers, telepathy and telekinesis; and virtual immortality; does not need to breathe, eat or sleep, and can regenerate from any injury at an accelerated rate. His powers were later increased by Nekron, making him more powerful than any of the Guardians.

As Entropy, Krona was composed of anti-energy, could absorb others into his body, converting them into more anti-energy, and was able to create an army composed of anti-energy that were completely under his control. During the JLA/Avengers miniseries, where he wielded the power of all the universes he had previously destroyed, Krona proved able to easily defeat both the Grandmaster and Galactus

Mental Powers : in his original Maltusian form, Krona possessed a great deal of telepathic powers that was shared by the rest of his race.

  • Cosmic Lightning Bolt : in his natural form, Krona was able to direct powerful bolts of cosmic energy with it inflicting a tremendous force on the mind of its attacker. He used this attack on Hal Jordan during his first attempted escape on Earth.
  • Mental Defenses : Krona's mental powers alerted him to danger and notified him if there were Guardians nearby that might be a threat to him.
  • Mental Domination : this fallen Maltusian possessed formidable telepathic abilities allowing him to take control of other sentient beings. This allowed him to first control Alan Scott and even mind control the Guardian council.
  • Possession : after being turned into a disembodied stream of energy, Krona had the power of taking over the body of living beings to serve as vessels for his essence until he created a body for himself.

Entropic Mastery : as Entropy, Krona possessed a number of abilities related to anti-energy that meant that he desired to envoke chaos with order being a weakness to him and his powers included:

  • Absorption : his anti-energy formed allowed him to absorb others into his body and convert their power into more anti-energy. Furthermore, energy blasts either from a Power Ring or a Maser were absorbed into the dark mass of his energy form thus making them powerless against him.
  • Entropoids : he was capable of creating creatures of black anti-energy known as Entropoids with such beings serving as an army that were completely under his control as well as did his bidding.

Emotional Spectrum Mastery : by capturing one of the Entities of the Emotional Spectrum, Krona was able to hold complete mastery over that wavelength of light. After capturing the Ion Entity, he was able to bend the energy of Willpower to his command and dissipate the attacks of those that used that light.

  • Exorcism : through chains in his body, Krona was able to remove any of the Emotional Entities forcibly from their host which took the form of the chains piercing their physical bodies and pulling out the creature.


  • Genius-Level Intellect : he held a supreme genius-level intellect though his arrogance, short temper and lack of patience did get the better of him.


  • Maltusian Evolutionary Tapestry : these set of bandages that covered the body were advanced regeneration devices of Maltusian design that helped repair and regrow the body of a damage being. Krona used these after his body was destroyed by the Guardians of the Universe with the process being completed during the Brightest Day.

Former Equipment

  • Time Viewer : this temporal device allowed the user to look backwards into time itself and was used by Krona as part of his forbidden experiment to see the origin of creation itself. The experiment was a disaster and unleashed evil onto the cosmos as well as entropy due to Krona's actions.


Former Weapons

  • Power Gauntlet : this device was originally created by Krona when he served as an enforcer of the Guardians in containing the Emotional Spectrum and the Entities where it served as his primary weapon that was used to destroy Manhunters sent to apprehend him.
  • Power Ring : after being exiled into energy, Krona created a duplicate of Alan Scott's Power Ring after possessing him which was not made of the mainstream universe. As such, it would be immune to its collapse and would automatically spirit him to safety in Earth-2 should the universe collapse as a result of his time viewing experiments.


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  • In JLA/Avengers crossover event, Krona shows his energy wielding powers to a great extent and is capable of destroying the CSA universe and the Polemachus universes.

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In Other Media

  • Krona makes his first animated appearance in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights where his backstory is elaborated on as being a tyrant that nearly destroyed the universe leading to him being transformed into energy. However, he manages to reconstitute himself in the Anti-Matter Universe where he commands Shadow Demons and manifests himself in Oa's sun in order to destroy the Positive Matter Universe. However, an entire army of Green Lanterns were forced to use the planet Oa to eliminate him for good. His appearance in the animated film is seemingly based on his cosmic form in the Trinity arc.
  • Although unnamed, Krona also appeared in the live action Green Lantern Film. He appears in a flashback where he becomes Parallax as a result of exposure to the yellow energy of fear when he attempted to harness it's power as an additional weapon in the Guardians' mission to maintain order, reflecting his comic counterpart's decision to do the forbidden primarily for the sake of it. In this new form, he is then imprisoned by Abin Sur on the planet Ryut. He escapes and rampages across the universe, killing several Lanterns and destroying at least two worlds. He is defeated by Hal Jordan in the climax of the film when Hal lures him into the sun's gravitational pull.
  • In Green Lantern: The Animated Series Krona makes a brief cameo appearance in the origin story of the Anti-Monitor. His appearance is similar to that of the other Oans and its shown that similar to his comic counterpart that he intended to witness the creation of the universe. To achieve that end, he created the gigantic mechanical Anti-Monitor many years ago which was equipped with time travel capabilities. However, the robot turned against Krona forcing the scientist to banish it to another dimension.
  • Krona serves as a game boss in DC Universe Online where he is designated as Prisoner 000001 and trapped in the Sciencells on Oa. His appearance is similar to his original Maltusian form but is equipped with a Power Gauntlet similar to the one shown in War of The Green Lanterns. He states that he was the first to harness the energy of Willpower and also wrote some of the code within the mechanical Manhunters. After being freed, the Manhunters attack him as a priority bounty until Krona activates a command override bringing them under his control. The players in the MMORPG ultimately are responsible for defeating him.