The Krona Protocol is an inbuilt security device linked directly to the Central Power Battery of Oa, presumably activated only by the Guardians of the Universe, though it is known to the Green Lantern Honour Guard, given that Guy Gardner was able to explain to Hal Jordan what the Krona Protocol was when the Guardians initiated it. The Protocol itself is a defensive mechanism that when activated, immediatally removes the Battery via teleportation to an unspecified location presumably of the Guardians choosing, until the Guardians decide that the danger has passed. The Protocol is described as being a desperation move, used when the Battery itself is in direct and immediate danger of destruction, taint, or falling into the wrong hands.

The Villain KronaEdit

The Protocol is named after the Maltusian Scientist, Krona, who designed a time-viewing experiment that resulted in the universe being born old, losing a billion years of history via the accidental linking of the end of time to the beginning, thus funneling a portion of pure entropy from the future to the beginning of time. This act brought about the reasoning for the Guardians' self-imposed duty to protect the universe. Krona has several times endangered the Corps., destroyed the Central Power Battery itself at least once, and is considered by the Guardians and those Lanterns who faced him to be one of the most formidable enemies of the Green Lantern Corps.

Final CrisisEdit

The Protocol has been used one known time to date, during the DC event known as Final Crisis. After it is revealed that the Alpha Lantern, Kraken, has been mentally subverted by the will of the deceased New God, Granny Goodness, the possessed Alpha attempts to seize the Central Power Battery itself before the Guardians themselves leap into action trying to stop her. Before Goodness can act, they intiate the Protocol, causing the Central Battery to vanish. During the ensuing battle, Kraken injures one of the Guardians while he is distracted with activating the mechanism, and Kraken is defeat by Hal Jordan, who relentlessly punches her so she can't focus and create constructs. It is unknown where the Battery was sent, or when it was returned.


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