Laboratory World 7431
General Information
Official name: Laboratory World 7431
Created by: TBA
First Appearance: Trinity #20
Universe: TBA
Space Sector: TBA
Galaxy: TBA



Laboratory World 7431 was once a verdant and lush living planet that existed in the universe whose original name had been long forgotten. At some unknown point in the past, it was selected by the Controllers to serve as a research facility for their kind. To make it more suitable for their needs, the Maltusian offshoot species entirely reshaped and rebuilt the world which transformed its beautiful surface into a mechanical construct better suited for their needs. This led to it being converted into a scientific outpost which included an orbital telemetry platform for further study of the cosmos and was under the direction of the Director of the Fundamental Forces Research Division. Its halls were staffed by a small group of Controllers who were considered the most intelligent beings that the universe had to offer.


Following his gestation in the Cosmic Egg, the rogue scientist from Maltus known as the renegade Krona was reborn into a powerful cosmic being. After witnessing the birth of creation and its end, he decided that he wanted to discover more about the intelligent design for the beginning of the cosmos. To that end, he believed in a universal consciousness that was responsible for the Big Bang and wanted to commune with it. In order to get the help he required, he travelled to the Laboratory World of the Controllers in order to demand their aid. His great cosmic awareness allowed him to convince them and direct their efforts into communicating with the universal consciousness known as the Worldsoul. However, the Controllers believed him to be mad and turned their equipment on him at the height of the experiment in order to study his energies. Despite this being the case, they were in turn overwhelmed by Krona's great power who managed overcome their attack and he ruthlessly destroyed the entire planetoid thus killing the deceptive Controllers.

Whilst he had been betrayed by them, he felt the smallest fraction of energy from the destroyed planet whereupon Krona concluded that it was alive with a primitive sentience of its own. Thus, began a new quest by Krona to awaken planetary and even solar intelligences to commune with the universal consciousness of the cosmos after which he left the ruined Laboratory World behind along with the slain bodies of several Controllers floating dead in space.


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