Larfleeze Green Lantern The Animated Series
General Information
Real name: Larfleeze
Media: Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Portrayed by: Dee Bradley Baker (Voice)
Equipment: Orange Lantern Power Ring
Orange Lantern Power Battery



Larfleeze is the leader and the last remaining member of the Orange Lantern Corps. At some point in time, Larfleeze became a member of the Orange Lantern Corps and was consumed with avarice by the Orange Lantern Battery. He killed the members of the corps and stole the Orange Battery. He continued to live on Okaara, where he was at times, visited by people to take the Battery, but Larfleeze made sure that they never returned home.


One day, Larfleeze's Orange Battery was stolen by the Green Lantern Hal Jordan. The Orange Battery eventually consumed Hal with greed and kicked Larfleeze out of his home. Larfleeze received help from Razer and Kilowog to acquire his Orange Battery back. They succeeded to free Hal from the Orange Lantern Power Battery's control, rejoicing Larfleeze with his Orange Battery. Larfleeze showed pleasancy towards the Green Lanterns and Razer for getting his Orange Battery back and wanted to give them gratitude with a reward, but due to his greed, he decided to wish them a "safe trip".

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Season OneEdit


Physical AppearanceEdit

Larfleeze has a humanoid appearance, with brown fur. He has a boar-like face, with a gig snout, big eyes, tusks coming from the side of his mouth and has big teeth. He has four fingers and three toes. He wears a slim Orange Lantern outfit, with the logo of the Orange Lantern Corps on his right shoulder pad.


It's unknown what Larfleeze was like before he got in touch with the Orange Battery. However after he stole it, he was consumed by the orange energy of avarice. With it he has an insane desire to possess everything he wants to have. He mostly prefers his Orange Battery and Orange Power Rings, to the extent of begging two strangers for help to return them back. Due to his greed he suspects everyone arriving in his lair to be a thief and tries to be protect his possessions. Despite his greed and suspiciousnes, Larfleeze has shown to be thankful to others after he receives help from them.


  • Larfleeze's obsession with his Orange Lantern is very similar to that of Gollum's from Lord of The Ring's obsession with The Ring.


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