General Information
Official name: Liberator
First Appearance: "Beware My Power"
Type: Weapon
Used by: Red Lantern Corps



The Liberator was a large tower styled weapon of destruction that was developed by the Red Lantern Corps. Its purpose was the simple task of destroying entire worlds that the Red Lanterns intended to take their rage on as part of their crusade. These machines latched onto the surface of a planet with numerous insectile legs and contained a powerful explosive where a nuclear charge was used as part of the detonation process. To protect itself, the Liberator contained numerous weapon turrets for use to ward off attackers. In addition, numerous chambers were present for Red Lanterns to occupy until they decided to initiate the detonation process.

Beware My PowerEdit

Members of the Green Lantern Corps first encountered the Liberator on the homeworld of Shyir Rev that was located in Frontier Space. This world was subject to Atrocitus's wrath when he was challenged by Hal Jordan and Kilowog along with Rev. Ultimately, the device was activated by Razer and Shyir Rev was forced to sacrifice himself in order to allow his people a chance to evacuvate the world prior to its destruction.

Regime ChangeEdit

A second Liberator was placed on the planet Betrassus after Prince Ragnar was anointed with a Red Lantern Power Ring. This led to Princess Iolande being overthrown by Ragnar who allowed the Red Lanterns to conquer his world. During this time, they placed another Liberator on the planet leading to an eventual confrontation with Jordan, Kilowog, Razer and Aya. After the Red Lanterns defeat, the Liberator was activated and it was only the Green Lanterns being empowered with the combined light of willpower and hope from the prototype Blue Lantern Power Battery did they hold the ability to send the Liberator into space where it detonated harmlessly.



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