General Information
Real name: Lightspeed Astronomical Navigation Operating System
Media: Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Portrayed by: TBA
Equipment: Coming Soon
Transportation: Flight



The Lightspeed Astronomical Navigation Operating System, also known as LANOS, was an artificial intelligence created by the Guardians of the Universe. This system was constructed at some point after the failed Red Lantern Corps of Oa. After Atrocitus's defeat, a member of the Guardian Council became intrigued by the extent of development of the artificial intelligence Aya that was installed on board the Interceptor. As such, Aya was removed from the vessel and her body was commandeered by the Science Branch for study. This was a fact not known to her Green Lanterns that had accompanied her to Frontier Space. Thus, the LANOS artificial intelligence was installed as a replacement for the Interceptor.


After the discovery of a number of operational Manhunter units, Hal Jordan as Green Lantern Corps Honor Guard requested the conduction of an investigation over the machines. However, to cover the large amount of space involved, he requested the use of the Interceptor which the Guardian Council agreed. Upon entering the ship, he expected to be greeted by Aya but was instead met by LANOS. The artificial intelligence did not please either Hal Jordan or Kilowog. Instead, they queried the location of Aya and tasked the ship to take them to the Science Branch headquarters. Once there, Hal Jordan deactivated LANOS and took his data core which he had a fellow Green Lantern recruit secretly place within Aya's body. Her data core was instead removed and taken to the Interceptor. At that point, the overseeing Guardian intended to conclude her Aya experiment but LANOS protested that he was not Aya to which the Oan believed it to be the artificial intelligence attempting to protect her identity. The fate of LANOS following this event is not known.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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Season OneEdit


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  • Unlike Aya, LANOS manifests his digital self as a square.
  • Similar to Jordan giving Aya the name from AI, Hal gave LANOS the name Lamo as he was not impressed with the new artificial intelligence.


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