Red Lantern
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General Information
Real name: Loran
Media: Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Portrayed by: Corey Burton (Voice)
Transportation: Flight
""You, what are you doing here in the Middle of the Night?"
"Official Business. Sorry, Sir."
"Do I look like a 'Sir' to you? I'm Cleric Loran!"
―Loran and Hal Jordan[src]



Loran was an eyeless, slug like alien being who became a Cleric within the Red Lantern Corps and made his home onboard their mothership known as Shard. It is unknown what planet or species he is a member of, or how he came to be a member of the Red Lanterns; as he lacks a power ring, the circumstances of his recruitment or enlistment is a mystery. Within its halls, he resided within a church that was dedicated to the spreading of Atrocitus's mission of getting righteous vengeance against the Guardians of the Universe. He was known to quote the history of the Corps from the Book of Rage in a reverent, scriptural way. He bristles at being referred to as "Sir" and when two Red Lantern soldiers burst into the chapel searching for Hal and Kilowog, the priest viciously berates them for their "disrespect." Despite lacking eyes, Loran carries a staff tipped with a glowing lens displaying a slit-irised eye that follows the movements of Loran's face, implying that he is able to see with it.


The Green Lantern Hal Jordan infiltrated Shard on a mission to rescue Razer. Whilst on board, he and Kilowog knocked two Red Lanterns unconscious whereupon Jordan disguised himself within their armor. While moving down the corridor, he encountered the Cleric Loran when he attempted to take shelter within the church. Once there, he asked Loran to recount the story of the Red Lanterns to which the Cleric happily obliged. He explained how the Guardians and demanded the inhabitants of Ysmault to worship them. However, they refused which saw the Manhunters being deployed that killed the worlds inhabitants. The sermon was interrupted when Kilowog was captured by Red Lantern guards.

Powers and Abilities

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Season One


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  • Loran has what looks to be Sauron's eye on his staff. It's evidently how he sees.
  • The same priest recites can be heard reciting "It is by rage alone that I set my mind in motion." This is an altered version of the Mentat mantra in Dune, the original using "will".


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