Lost Planet

Hal and company follow an errant Green Lantern ring to a mysterious planet, in search for a new Green Lantern.

Green Lantern Mogo


Following an errant Green Lantern Power Ring, Hal Jordan and co. are nearly crushed by an asteroid, using much of their energy to divert it, however it is still on a collision course with a mysterious planet, which the ring has gone to. The team lands and meet two castaways, and split up to find the ring. Razer finds a vast graveyard of crashed ships, and meets Saint Walker who explains that they are pirate and warships that have all crashed on the planet. Razer is quickly angered by Walker's peaceful demeanor, and attacks the newcomer. Walker easily evades his attacks, and warns Razer that his rage will be his doom before giving him the Green Lantern Power Ring and departing. The team realize that the cast aways are in fact criminals who have been stranded on the planet, and have suppressed Aya's CPU and commandeered the Interceptor. The team recaptures the ship and prepare to leave before the asteroid hits, Hal however realize who the ring has chosen as its new bearer, and drills a hole to the planet's core, throwing the ring in. The planet comes alive, destroying the asteroid. Calling itself Mogo, it thanks them for saving it, and promises to keep the castaways imprisoned on its surface, and to aid them if they need it in the future.

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