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General Information
Official name: Maltus
Created by: Denny O'Neil
Neal Adams
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol 2 #81 (December, 1970)
Universe: New Earth
Space Sector: Space Sector 3001
Galaxy: TBA



Early Maltus.

Maltus is the planet the Guardians of the Universe originated from prior to their move to Oa. Maltus is also the originating planet of the Zamarons, the female counterparts to the Guardians as well as the Controllers. Maltus is home to an ancient, nearly forgotten civilization that gave birth to the race that eventually became the Guardians of the Universe over 10 billion years ago. Maltus is known to be an extremely overpopulated planet which serves as home to a poverty-stricken humanoid race.

Early Life

While advanced in technology, Maltus suffers from severe problems due to their overpopulation, as detailed in Green Lantern #81, during the Green Lantern/Green Arrow adventures of the late '70's. Maltus was further detailed during the Millennium event, when the Gurardians and the Zamarons came to Earth to create a new race of Guardians. In Secret Origins #23, Heru (Guardian) and Nadia (Zamaron) tell the newly selected Guardians their origins.

The Secret Origins

It was revealed in Secret Origins #23 that life evolved on Maltus very similarly to Earth. Maltus had it's era of dinosaur-like creatures previous to the humanoid race. It was also revealed that a new organism sprung up on Maltus, called "symbiotes." The symbiotes merged with the humanoid race and gave them their advanced intellect, along with the building blocks to becoming immortal. It was revealed that the symbiotes were the source of all the powers granted to the race of humanoids that eventually evolved into the Guardians of the Universe. Both the Guardians and the Zamarons eventually left Maltus to further their own agendas. The Guardians set up on the planet Oa, while the Zamarons went to a new planet and named it Zamaron. Maltus has rarely been referred to in DC Comics due to Oa being the main base of operations for the Guardians of the Universe. It is also unclear if Maltus or the symbiotes exist in current DC continuity. Neither have been mentioned in DC books for some time. The effects that Infinite Crisis had on the DCU also complicates the origin of the Guardians of the Universe further, though it has been confirmed in Green Lantern: Agent Orange that they originated from Maltus, the specifics of their evolutions, such as the symbiotes, have yet to be confirmed. Since the Orange Lantern of Sector 3001 was a Guardian of the Universe, it is possible that Maltus exists in Space Sector 3001


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  • Maltus is now so densely populated that contraceptives have to be added to the water supply
  • The name "Maltus" is likely a reference to the British demographer and political economist Thomas Robert Malthus, who predicted for Earth overpopulation problems similar to those the fictional planet had to face.