Maltusian Evolution Tapestries
Krona The Brightest Day-1
General Information
Official name: Maltusian Evolution Tapestries
First Appearance: Green Lantern #60
Type: Device
Used by: Maltusians



Maltusian Evolution Tapestries were bandage-like devices created by the Maltusians that had the ability to heal their user but also to alter their physical appearance by evolving their forms. Their capacity to heal even allowed them to regenerate the body of a being who's physical form was destroyed. Following The Blackest Night, the renegade Maltusian known as Krona had acquired this device in order to create a new body for himself after it had been destroyed by the Guardians of the Universe. During this time, his body was covered in these bandages and his physical form was altered to appear more similar to that of the Oans. After arriving on Earth, he succeeded in capturing the Emotional Entities of the Emotional Spectrum. During this time, he unveiled his true form to Hal Jordan and began his campaign of bringing order to emotions that had plagued the cosmos.

Once he subverted the Green Lantern Corps, Krona became the ultimate power in the cosmos as the Guardians had been possessed by the Emotional Entities whilst the Parallax Entity had entered into the Green Lantern Central Power Battery which reintroduced the Yellow Impurity into the Emerald Light of Willpower. This caused the Green Lanterns to be consumed by fear and fall under Krona's influence. As Krona felt that the Oans had lost the ability to feel emotion, he decided that he wanted to put the fate into the universe in beings more worthy. After capturing Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner, he encased them in the same ancient evolving bandages that transformed himself with the intention of transforming them into beings similar to the Guardians so that they could take their place at Krona's side.


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