Manhunter 1988.2814
General Information
Real name: Manhunter 1988.2814
First Appearance: Green Lantern: No Fear #1
Created by: Geoff Johns
Carlos Pacheco
Ethan Van Sciver
Jesus Merino
Affiliations: Manhunter Cult
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



Manhunter 1988.2814 was one of Manhunters, a series of android policemen created by the Guardians of the Universe to enforce order on the cosmos. This unit was estimated at being three point three billion years old. However, it was determined that the machines were unreliable for space patrol after a flaw was discovered within the basic artificial intelligence core unit. Thus, under the command of the Oans, the Manhunters were neutralied and exiled from known space which included 1988.2814. The android was later involved in the Millennium event which saw him defeated and badly damaged.


Left on Earth since that time, the machine was discovered in Louisiana Bayou where it was recovered by the military who began studying it. At the same time, they were experimenting Abin Sur starship in their attempt at reverse engineering its components namely its engines. However, they were incapable of accomplishing this feat but with the Manhunter they studied and managed to salvage its propulsion systems for use in a jet fighter prototype known as the X-2020. The scientists involved in the experiment were incapable of deciphering the rest of the technology and later transported it to Edwards Airforce Base. After the rebirth of the Green Lantern Corps, the Manhunter Cult discovered the damaged uni 1988.2814 being present on Earth. Thus, under the command of the new Grandmaster, they dispatched a disguised Manhunter agent to force the damaged unit to activate its self-destruct mechanism thus ending its existence as it was considered both obsolete as well as flawed. However, 1988.2814 reactivated after detecting the presence of the Green Lantern Hal Jordan and engaged him in a fight despite the severe damage to its systems. It was later attacked by the Manhunter agent and after a skirmish between the two, the enforcer activated 1988.2814's self-destruct sequence which was as strong as a nuclear explosion. Hal Jordan in the mean time defeated the agent and took the damaged Manhunter 1988.2814 into space as his power ring was incapable of hacking the destruct device which would have taken seven hours to accomplish. Thus, Jordan intended for the android to detonate harmlessly in space. In its final moments, 1988.2814 expressed to Jordan that it began to contemplate its coming destruction and inquired to him what was happening. The Green Lantern replied that he was experiencing fear to which the Manhunter contemplated just as it exploded.

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  • The unit's designation can possibly refer to 1988 being the year of the Millennium event and 2814 being the Space Sector where Earth resides.

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