Manhunter Teleport Gate
General Information
Official name: Manhunter Teleport Gate
First Appearance: Green Lantern: Rise of The Manhunters
Type: Device
Used by: Manhunters



Teleport Gates were generator devices of created by the Manhunters that were designed to bring about the quick transport of their robotic forces on the battlefield. They resembled metallic spear-typed projectiles that were deployed from orbit and had glowing red circuitry. At the top was a black spherical machine that was the power core that was encompassed by a glowing red ball of energy with a beam of light projected into the sky. They permitted instantaneous transportation between two points. Once activated, they formed a small dome of energy nearby that was the receiving portal for any teleported individuals. Enemies were unable to enter into the dome transportation field and received shocks that prevented them from gaining entry. A shield protected the Teleport Gate from harm but once breached, it was easily capable of being destroyed.

Rise of The ManhuntersEdit

During the Manhunter attack on Oa, they deployed several of these Teleport Gates in order to bring their reinforcements into the field against the Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan's Power Ring analysed the machines and determined their function leading to the Green Lantern to deduce that he needed to destroy them before they brought in more Manhunters. Numerous other such Gates were deployed around the planet during the world wide attack against the Guardians of the Universe. Further Teleport Gates were deployed on the planet Zamaron during the Manhunter assault on that world.



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