Mean Machine
General Information
Founder(s): TBA
Leader(s): TBA
Current Members: Aldo
Former Members: TBA
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Oa



The Mean Machine were veteran elite members of the Green Lantern Corps. After numerous campaigns, they were considered amongst the toughest and meanest of Green Lanterns. Some considered them to be Lanterns who were on the clock and that they were going to die soon. However, others thought of them as being able to bring a great deal of damage to their enemies whilst not worrying about whether they were going to die or not. Amongst their number included Aldo, Lee, Bronchuk and Flint though it was believed that they were all killed. The survivors carved their own after hours lodge located a hundred feet beneath Warriors. Salaak was not fond of the group as he believed they only emerged from the shadows when they smelt blood. Despite this being the case, they were loyal to the Corps though felt that the mistakes of the Guardians of the Universe often led to repercussions for the Green Lanterns.


Into The Fire

Mean MachineEdit

In 2012, they met in secret in a chamber beneath Warriors where they used to have drinks. Guy Gardner learnt of their existence from Kilowog who directed him towards them. He met them and asked for their assistance in fighting the Keepers where he explained he needed a special operations team capable of combating this foe. After a brief consideration, they agreed and joined Guy Gardner's team where they did not get along well with his comrades. The entire Green Lantern team were briefed on the Keepers history by the arrival of the Martian Manhunter who telepathically informed them about their foe. They concluded that their foe was strong in Willpower and that they needed a weapon that instilled Fear along with a lot of wepaonry. This was why they drafted two Sinestro Corpsmen whereupon they took an Interceptor to combat the Keepers. Thus, they went to initiated the next stage of their plans where they raided a pirate ship in order to steal a load of weapons for the eventual confrontation with the Keepers.

The group had managed to arm themselves with primitive projectile weapons when they invaded Urak. Members of the Mean Machine suffered injuries in the skirmish but managed to keep the Keepers occupied alongside Gardener's team of Green Lanterns. Whilst keeping the enemy occupied, the Mean Machine initiated Guy Gardener's final plan namely insuring that the Interceptor containing the two Sinestro Corpsmen went into a collision course to Urak's surface. This created a huge explosion forming a fear bomb that infected the Keepers thus depriving them of the will to fight as they were too scared to fight the Green Lanterns. Thus, the Mean Machines succeeded in defeating the threat posed by the Keepers who were given a life sentence in burying all the dead they had slain on Urak.


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