General Information
Official name: Mechivore
First Appearance: Green Lantern Movie Prequel: Abin Sur Vol 1 1
Type: Weapon
Used by: TBA




The container holding a Mechivore.

A Mechivore was a techno-organic weapon that took the form of a virus that was usually sealed in a container. This was because the virus fed on any form of metal and grew by merging with them. After exposure, the techno-organic virus began to assimilate metal and merge itself to create a much more larger and battle-ready form. Even when damaged, the Mechivore had the capacity to reform itself from any mechanical items within its environment. Thus, the only way to ensure its destruction was to remove it and destroy all mechanical items within the immediate area of the Mechivore. Their nature meant that they were considered one of the most dangerous forms of contraband which smugglers attempted to sell to their buyers.


The alien Obba attempted to smuggle a Mechivore through Space Sector 2814 near Earth but was stopped by the Green Lantern Abin Sur. After the destruction of his ship, Obba was arrested but the container holding the Mechivore was not noticed and thus it plummeted to the surface of Earth. After it crashed, it fell into a junkyard holding abandoned and damaged military vehicles. Once there, it began incorporating itself with the ruined machinery and created a combat form for itself whereupon it attacked Private Amanda Waller who was at the scene. Abin Sur of the Green Lantern Corps witnessed the incident but was unable to intervene as his orders was not to draw the attention of extraterrestrial life to Humans. Luckily, however, Waller managed to detonate some explosives that left the physical form of the Mechivore ruined. Whilst Waller was unconscious, Abin Sur quickly moved and used his Green Lantern Power Ring to take the remains of the Mechivore. In order to guarantee its destruction, the Green Lantern dumped the remains into Earth's sun thus destroying it.


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