Meditation Chambers
General Information
Official name: Meditation Chambers
First Appearance: Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn #5
Type: Equipment
Used by: Guardians of the Universe



The Meditation Chambers were capsule-like pods that were engineered by the Guardians of the Universe at some unspecified time and were located deep below the surface of Oa. They were constructed to allow the Oans to engage in their yearly meditations whereupon an individual Guardian would enter the pod and sleep for an unspecified amount of time. Whilst in their meditation, the Oans were never disturbed by the Green Lantern Corps and only left once they had awoken from their sleep. Though the Green Lanterns protected them, the Chambers also contained defensive devices designed to protect their sleeping occupants. Should any danger be posed to the Oan inside, tendrils emerged from the side of the capsule and entangled any potential attacker. These cables were strong enough to hold most forms of superpowered beings though some attackers were capable of breaking their hold.


Legion Trapped by The Defensive Cables.

Emerald DawnEdit

At one time, the Guardians engaged in their yearly meditation where they slept whilst leaving the goal of maintaining order to the universe. However, in this time, the villainous being known as Legion emerged and began hunting Green Lanterns in order to get his vengeance against the Oans for crimes against his race. This chain of events saw him responsible for the death of Abin Sur whose Green Lantern Power Ring later passed to Hal Jordan of Earth who became the protector of Space Sector 2814. Upon being appointed, Jordan was taken to Oa for training but Legion followed them and began fighting his way through the Corps in his search for the Guardians. He ultimately beat both Salaak and Tomar-Re as they attempted to protected the underground shelter containing the Meditation Chambers. Once he gained entry, Legion moved to the sleeping form of the Oans and was ready to extinguish their life. However, defensive cables emerged from the Meditation Chamber which temporarily tied up Legion. At this time, the Corps quickly assembled and the Oans concluded that the tendrils would only hold their target for another seven pulsebeats before he freed himself. To prevent this, Jordan used his Power Ring to sever the cables and use the remnants to pull Legion to the surface of Oa despite the lack of orders from the Guardians.


  • The actual name for these pods is unknown though the Green Lanterns referred to them in one panel as the Guardians Meditation Chambers.
  • As a result of Green Lantern: Secret Origin, its possible the existence of the Meditation Chambers maybe retconned as they have never featured beyond that story.


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