Memory Bank
General Information
Official name: Memory Bank
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol 2 59
Type: Device
Used by: Oans



The Memory Bank was a machine that was constructed by the advanced science of the Guardians of the Universe and was considered their proudest accomplishment. It was compared to primitive telescopes that were only able to observe events on far off planets a few years ago whereas this device was able to witness such events as they were occurring. This was through a special process whereby it stored data and information from the brain following death by way of a mental post mortem. The procedure to do so was applied to the Fallen Lanterns of the Green Lantern Corps after they died during their duty. Such Green Lanterns were often transported to Oa where they were buried at the Crypts of the Green Lantern Corps but before doing so; their last moments were recorded by the Memory Banks. In addition, these machines were able to compose different possible futures by basing them on alternate postulates of events.

Earth's Other Green LanternEdit

During Hal Jordan's service to the Guardians of Oa, he was required to attend a two-day seminar on the higher techniques employed by the Oans. This led to him learning of the Memory Bank and its ability to record the last hours of dead Green Lanterns. Thus, Jordan managed to witness on the machine the last hours of Abin Sur after he was badly wounded and when he was given the Green Lantern Power Ring on Earth. Whilst always curious of Sur's last moments of life, Hal Jordan uncovered a new finding - namely that he was one of two possible candidates for the Green Lantern Corps as the Power Ring had also identified Guy Gardner as a possible recruit. Abin Sur ultimately decided to select the closest individual which was Jordan at Ferris Aircraft thus starting his career as the superhero Green Lantern.

Amazed at this insight, Jordan was curious on what would have happened if Gardner was selected to which the Guardians used the Memory Bank to reveal a possible alternate future. He learnt that Guy Gardner embarked on a similar career Jordan where he battled supervillains such as Sonar, The Shark, Black Hand, Polaris and Sinestro. The only difference between their adventures was the route Gardner took to Earth which brought him to the planet Ghera where a deadly war was fought between the childlike inhabitants of the planet. After ending the conflict, Gardner returned to Earth only to learn that he contracted the Yellow Plague of Ghera thus bringing about his death but not before passing his Power Ring to Hal Jordan. Surprised by this turn of events, Jordan decided to befriend Guy Gardner in the real world in order to see the man who might have been a Green Lantern.


  • This device was referred to only as a "memory bank" by the Guardians and not given any other formal name.


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