Geh-Jedollah "The Absolute"
Miracle Machine
General Information
Official name: Miracle Machine
First Appearance: Adventure Comics #367 (April, 1968)
Type: Device
Used by: Controllers
Legion of Super-Heroes


Miracle Machine

Superman and Brainiac 5 in Front of The Miracle Machine


Created by the Maltusian offshoot race known as the Controllers who named it "Geh-Jedollah" which translated from their language to mean "The Absolute". The device was built by reverse engineering the technology of the Guardians of the Universe which had allowed them to create their Green Lantern Corps; namely the manipulation of the Emotional Spectrum aspect of Willpower. Thus, it had the power to turn thoughts into reality by possessing the ability to limiless alter the omost basic physics at will which in turn also made it extremely dangerous as even the thought of killing another person was capable of manifesting through the device.

Legion of SuperheroesEdit

In the 30th century, the Controllers gifted the Miracle Machine to the Legion of Superheroes after they had defeated a renegade member of their kind. It was Brainiac 5 who later discovered the abilities of the device and used it to repel an invasion of Earth by the Dark Circle as well as create a new Legion headquarters. However, after realizing the great catastrophe it could bring, he decided to seal it in an Inertron vault to prevent its misure and it was decided to only use it in the most direst of emergencies.

A thief at one point vowed and even succeeded in stealing the device but the Legion instead used it to capture him. Superman at one point used the device to also create a duplicate of himself as Clark Kent. Later, an insane Brainiac 5 used the Miracle Machine in a mad attempt to destroy the universe. As he was unable to imagine a grandoise form of death to inflict, he used the device to create a being that could who was known as Omega. In order to stop this being, Matter-Eater Lab consumed the Miracle Machine which drove him mad for a number of years. After he was cured, the residual energy from the device remained within the superhero which gave him the power to come out of situations without any trouble. Learning of this, Prince Evillo attempted to use this innate power in the hopes of creating a fearsome monster from Matter-Eater Lad's own nightmares but his vision of such an event was simply a bad date. that he once had

Final CrisisEdit

During the events of the Final Crisis, the Legion of Superheroes had Superman memorise the blueprints of the Miracle Machine in order for him to recreate the device in his own time to defeat the New God of Apokolips known as Darkseid.


  • Interestingly, the device possesses the same markings on it as the New God Metron.
  • The dying New God Darkseid mockingly describes the Miracle Machine as a cargo cult Mother Box.


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