Mother Zed
Mother Zed
General Information
Real name: Zed
First Appearance: TBA
Created by: TBA
Affiliations: Zamarons
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



Mother Zed was a member of a splinter tribe of the Maltusian race that consisted of all the female Oans and took the name of Zamarons. She eventually left her sisters and became a member of the "sacred order"; a group that watched over the powerful cosmic artifacts known as the Heartstones.


When the Guardians of the Universe were reborn at the hands of Kyle Rayner with the Ion Entity's power, they were born as infants who were taken into the care of Ganthet. One of these infant Oans was a child that became known as Lianna who came into contact with a Heartstone. The artifact not only accelerated her growth but provided her a great deal of power even before the rest of her fellow Guardians developed their normal abilities. After she grew up, she ended up attacking Kyle Rayner and wounded him.

It was then that the Zamaron known as Mother Zed learned of the Heartstone's involvement and she took Lianna away from Oa. Relocating her to Earth, they established a colony in Manila in the Phillippines where they could live in peace. There, Zed and Lianna studied the mysteries of the Heartstone as well as the knowledge it brought to others. For a time, they lived a peaceful existence in this retreat.

However, the power of the Heartstone was soon discovered when another of the ancient stones was found. At the time, the dark being known as Lady Styx desired the stones to attain godhood and sought to collect all four of them in order to restart the universe. Thus, she secured the services of the Spider Guild who attacked the commune of the sacred order. The attack killed Mother Zed as well as her comrades leaving Lianna to flee to find safety amongst the Omega Men.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Immortality
  • Cosmic-Level Energy Manipulation: ability to manipulate the emotional spectrum of energy that is love (Violet). This power is naturally generated by them and is capable of all the feats of the Green Lantern power rings. The power of love is one of the farthest away from the balance of the center of the emotional spectrum and thus the power has more influence over its bearer.



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