General Information
Real name: Myglom
Media: Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Portrayed by: Robert Englund (Voice)



Myglom was a member of the Spider Guild who at some point began to operate in Frontier Space. During this time, he and his kind discovered an asteorid that contained a unique yellow crystal with remarkable qualities. These crystals were seemingly powered by feeding on the fear of sentient beings and had the ability to nullify the energy of a Green Lantern Power Ring. Thus, to aid in the mining efforts, the Spider Guild established a prison colony on the asteroid where they offered to take in criminals for incarceration where they offered a rehabilitation service for offenders. In reality, the prisoners were forced to mentally experience their worst moments in their lives.

Razer's Edge

The prison asteroid was visited by members of the Green Lantern Corps in the form of Hal Jordan and Kilowog who were on board the Interceptor. They arrived at the facility and met with Warden Myglom to deposit the Red Lantern prisoner Razer. The Spider Guild took custody of the prisoner where they secretly tortured him in a machine. Afterwards, the escaped prisoner Goggan made Jordan and Kilowog suspicious where they investigated the asteroid only to discover its true intention. Both Jordan and Kilowog were captured by the Spider Guild that wanted them to relive their worst memories before devouring them. However, Razer was freed from his cell by Aya and the Red Lantern freed the Green Lanterns. During a confrontation with Warden Myglom, Jordan managed to defeat the giant arachnoid alien with the Spider Guild presence being defeated. Thus, the Spider Guild presence being contained within the prisons cells until a new replacement was dispatched by the Guardians of the Universe that was being sent within 18 months.

Powers and Abilities

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