General Information
Real name: Myrwhydden
First Appearance: Green Lantern #26 (January,1964)
Created by: Gardner Fox
Gil Kane
Abilities: Sorcerer



At the beginning of the 20th Century, the Guardians of the Universe sent Green Lantern Abin Sur on a mission to a world, ruled by the magician Myrwhydden. The magician was easily defeated because to use his powers, it was necessary to form rhymes. Abin Sur gagged his mouth, leaving no power and then arrested him, trapping him inside his ring. Over the years, the powers of Myrwhydden returned slowly allowing him to create a magical world inside the ring and create a clone to defeat his captor, but he did not know is that Abin Sur had died years ago and the ring already has another owner: Hal Jordan. After an arduous battle, Jordan made Myrwhidden temporarily mute and held onto his ring, and as a precaution to prevent it from becoming a threat again, Jordan erased the magician's memory. Years later, the Guardians of the Universe upgraded the power rings of the Green Lanterns, which restored the memory of Myrwhydden making it unstable to remain in the ring, then Jordan delivers magician to the guardians, to be held in the Sciencels. But there, he managed to escape thanks to Sinestro, both have joined forces to fight the Lanterns of Earth after the completion of the Millennium Project. Tried again for his crimes, Myrwhydden is taken to be arrested, but the Sciencelas were destroyed due to an earthquake caused by Sinestro to enter the central battery. Taking advantage of this, he creates a ship with his magic to escape with the treasures of Oa, but they are by Salaak and is arrested again by Hal Jordan.

Powers and Abilities


  • Sorcery: He Casts Spells through Rhymes


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  • He's Name is Pronounced MUHR-whih-den

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