Nadia Safir
General Information
Real name: Nadia Safir
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol 2 #200 (May, 1986)
Created by: Steve Englehart
Affiliations: Zamarons
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



Nadia Safir was a member of the Maltusian offshoot species known as the Zamarons; the female kin of the Guardians of the Universe. She eventually ascended to leadership of her people who lived on their homeworld of Zamaron.


After the devastating galactic event known as the Crisis of the Infinite Earths, Nadia Safir along with the Zamarons travelled to Oa. There, she met Herupa Hando Hu who stated that their inaction when the Anti-Monitor destroyed much of the multiverse meant that they had fallen into stagnation. He concluded that their race needed to evolve and thus depart the known dimension to a higher plane. This would leave the Green Lantern Corps behind in order to continue the great work that the Guardians had started but now they would be in charge of their own destiny. As the Zamarons were their female counterparts, he asked that they accompany them on this journey. However, Nadia disagreed and engaged in trial by combat against Herupa but lost in the fight. As such, she relented and agreed that the Zamarons would accompany them onto the next plane. She was also taken as the mate of Herupa Hando Hu.

When it was discovered that the renegade Sinestro had impersonated the Guardian Pazu Pinder Pol, actions were taken to arrest him and return him to the Sciencells. With that last act done, Nadia Safir accompanied her mate and people where they left the known universe.


The Maltusian immortals knew that in time there would be a successor race that would replace them and determined that these new immortals would come on the planet Earth. Thus, Herupa Hando Ho and Nadia Safir left their brethren whereupon they reentered the normal universe in order to come to Earth. Once there, they met with the superheroes of the world and members of the Green Lantern Corps. They also informed them of the coming threat; the Oans former android enforcers the Manhunters had infiltrated positions all over Earth and were intent on stopping the coming Millennium Event.

Whilst the superheroes of the world and the Green Lanterns worked to fight the Manhunters, Nadia along with her Oan mate worked to find the "Chosen"; those that would inherit the mantle of guardianship. The latent abilities within these individuals were activated by Nadia and Herupa who helped bring about the creation of the New Guardians. However, the act had drained the two Maltusians of their energy and they both grew old as well as died together.

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