Nannite Camera
General Information
Official name: Nannite Camera
First Appearance: Green Lantern Corps (Vol 3) #15
Type: Device
Used by: Salaak



A Nannite Camera were minuscule remote viewing devices that were capable of being used by a Green Lantern. They were used for surveillance purposes and were capable of being linked to a Power Ring in order to allow their user to observe distant events in secrecy. In design, they resembled a red insecticidal looking machine that hovered in the air as they sent a feed to a Green Lantern Power Ring. Only those with a sharp eye and reflexes were capable of seemingly snatching one of these cameras from the air.

Falling StarEdit

During The Rise of The Third Army, the Guardians of the Universe began their secret plans in the Planetary Citadel where they intended to replace the entirety of the Green Lantern Corps. Whilst discussing these plans on Oa, Salaak deployed a Nannite Camera into their chambers where he was horrified to discover the extent of the Guardians plans. However, Ganthet managed to see the small Nannite and snatched it in the air where he along with his fellow Oans attacked Salaak. They complemented his ingenious plan whilst they entombed him as they declared their intentions to eliminate free Willpower as they saw it as a cancer on the universe.


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  • Nanites are a term given to nanorobotics which are microscopic machines.


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