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General Information
Official name: Odym
Created by: Geoff Johns
Ethan Van Sciver
Ivan Reis
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol 4 25 (January, 2008)
Universe: New Earth
Space Sector: Space Sector 2682
Galaxy: Milky Way


The Landscape of Odym


Following their banishment from Oa during the Sinestro Corps War, Ganthet and Sayd traveled to the world of Odym, a planet of lush beauty and unrestrained life and is orbited by twin moons. The two realized that the Guardians of the Universe would ignore the inevitability of The Blackest Night, but that Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner would fight to prevent it from coming to pass. Realizing that they could not succeed alone, the two decided to form the Blue Lantern Corps, a force powered by the blue light of hope to assist the Green Lantern Corps. Thus far, Ganthet and Sayd have not sought to colonize the planet, but instead build the Blue Central Power Battery and leave it as a world of unrestrained life and beauty.

War of Light

During the War of Light, the Guardians of the Universe informed Agent Orange of the homeworld of the Blue Lantern Corps in order for him to claim the power of the Blue Lantern Power Ring. This was part of a secret plan by the Oans to get the Orange Lantern Corps and Blue Lantern Corps to destroy themselves in the struggle thus eliminating them from the universe. Larfleeze later commanded his Lantern Energy Constructs to attack Odym where they nearly overwhelmed the defenders and began to claim the Blue Lantern Central Power Battery. However, a combination of the Black Lantern Corps rising on Okaara and the arrival of Hal Jordan prevented Agent Orange from accomplishing his plans. Guy Gardner and the Emerald Warriors visited Odym after The Blackest Night in order to meet with Brother Warth and ask for his help in removing the taint of Rage that was within Gardner. Though Warth agreed, the arrival of Bleez led to Gardner reconsidering its removal as he believed it would be useful in his quest to the Unknown Sectors.

Points of Interest


  • Odym revolves around the star Polaris which on earth is referred to as the north star, the star one uses to find their way home.


  • Odym has Two Moons.


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