General Information
Official name: Psi-Computers
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol 2 55
Type: Device
Used by: Guardians of the Universe



Psi-Computers were gigantic forms of super computers that were created by the Guardians of the Universe and were located on their adoptive homeworld of Oa. The Oans made use of these machines to solve complex problems that challenged their attempts at enforcing order upon the cosmos. Once a new mysterious incident emerged, the Guardians inputted that information to their Psi-Computers which made calculations on the nature of the problem whereupon it provided to its makers a full story on events that led to it manifesting in the first place. This allowed the Oans to quickly discover dangerous threats to not only their own existence but to the universe itself.

The Return of Al MagoneEdit

When the Prison Planet revolted against the Guardians rule and rallied under the rule of Human mobster Al Magone, the criminal used his new allies to eliminate thirteen members of the Green Lantern Corps which included Davo Yull of Pharma and Chogar of Tyrea. Among those attacked was Hal Jordan of Space Sector 2814 and he was among many of his comrades that were summoned to Oa to learn the true nature of the threat they faced. When they were assembled, the Oans revealed that their Psi-Computers had concluded who was responsible for the assassinations namely that it stemmed from their own Prison Planet. They revealed that whilst imprisoned on that world, the villain made good use of food and water available as well as made himself a shelter. But during that time, he discovered a robot known as space probe filled with Micro Nucleo Energy which disrupted the temporal barrier on the planet thus bringing all the criminals imprisoned into the same time era where they collaborated under Al Magone's rule. With the threat apparent, the Oans tasked the Green Lanterns with putting an end to this menace before it spiralled out of control.


  • The Psi-Computers did not feature in the issue but were simply mentioned and thus their appearance and capabilities are largely unknown.


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