Psion Homeworld
General Information
Official name: Psion Homeworld
Created by: TBA
First Appearance: TBA
Universe: TBA
Space Sector: TBA
Galaxy: TBA



The Psion Homeworld was an artificial planetoid created by the Psions following their departure from their original homeworld of Maltus. After the rise of their civilization, the Psions attempted to uncover their origins and met with the Guardians of the Universe who later exiled them to the Vega System where the reptilian species resided on their synthetic homeworld. A data entry on the planet was located in the Encyclopedia Galactica for visitors that wanted to go the Psion Homeworld. The Antares Observer reported that the artificial world took skilled workers from 27 star systems in order to complete it after which they seemingly disappeared and their wherebaouts were unknown.


After The Blackest Night, an incident erupted on the Psion Homeworld when Gorius Karkum, a female Psion, took the Tamaranean Starfire to her home planet in order to show her the brutality subjected on the women of their kind by the males. Upon entering the Breeding Nexus, a horrified Starfire helped Karkum in fighting against the Psions who in desperation exploded the chamber thus killing the females that were left in captivity. The death of the female Psions caused an enraged Starfire to later confront Vril Dox about the matter. This caused Marshal Halor to contact Vril Dox about the L.E.G.I.O.N. involvement in the event to which Dox ended the defense contract between his organization and the Psions.

Shortly afterwards, the weakened Starro the Star Conqueror arrived on Psion and enslaved the planet under his will where he used the native Psions to restore his Queen Symbiote to her full strength. Once this was achieved, he placed Control-Stars on the Psions and used their Homeworld as a base of operations as he plotted intergalactic domination as well as revenge against Vril Dox.


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