Psion Lab Stations
General Information
Official name: Psion Lab Stations
Created by: TBA
First Appearance: TBA
Galaxy: TBA
Star System: TBA
Planet: TBA
Country: TBA
State: TBA
Locale: TBA



The Psion Lab Stations were space based facilities that were constructed by the Psions in hidden and remote locations. These stations allowed the scientifically inclined species to conduct their various experiments in secret without attracting outsiders to their work. This was because the Psions were both feared and shunned across the sector of space due to their propensity to conduct experiments on any travellers that came across them. At some point two cycles prior to the War of Light, the Psions captured a number of Starro spores and began scientific study as well as analysis on the creatures with their research being most gratifying to the research team.


During the War of Light, the extragalactic conqueror known as Starro the Star Conqueror invaded the known the galaxy with his armies of parasites as well as minions. In desperation, the Omega Men met with their sworn enemies - the Psions of the Vega System on one of their Lab Stations in order to find a solution to combat their mutual foe. At the facility, a Psion scientist briefed the Omega Men of the previous Starro invasions and that the large organisms implanted their spores which took control of their hosts. Thus, anyone without a Starro parasite on their face was perceived as an enemy and immediately attacked.

However, the Psions at the laboratory had genetically engineered a sub-species of Starro which they called Dark Stars that did not suppress the mind of their host and instead made the greater parasites believe that the implanted being was one of them. These altered parasites were intended for use by the Omega Men to infiltrate the Star Conqueror's armies and defeat him. During the discussions, a Psion technician intercepted a Khundian transmission which indicated that their forces had engaged the Star Conquerors and hacked into their cameras which showed the Khund's greatest armada fall to the extragalactic enemy. After learning of this, the Omega Men implanted the Dark Star symbiotes on their bodies and departed the station in order to infiltrate the Star Conqueror's home galaxy.


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