General Information
Official name: Qwa-Portal
First Appearance: JLA Vol 1 #109
Type: Device
Used by: Qwardians



Qwa-Portals were dimensional doorways that were developed by the Qwardians of the Anti-Matter Universe. They served as transference portals that linked one position of space to an alternate gateway located at another site. Their nature allowed them to serve as not only doorways between worlds but as a gateway from the Anti-Matter Universe to the Positive-Matter Universe as well. At least one such Qwa-Portal resided on the planet Qward and was located at the Nephelithospheric Crustplates which was considered ancient by future era Qwardians. This Portal was used by the Weaponers of Qward to travel to a counterpart gateway that resided on the planetoid Turi which was once a moon of Maltus. On that moon, the Qwardians hid their largest and most powerful weapon; the warship known as the Void Hound after it proved too unstable to truly control. Thus, they hid it on the moon and the evil sensed by the Maltusians led to them moving it away from its orbit where it drifted to the further most regions of the star system whilst being unaware of the true threat that resided beneath its surface. After the completion of their task, the Qwa-Portal remained and served as the only link to the tomb that kept the Weaponers greatest weapon.

In time, the legend of the Void Hound and the means of retrieving it were slowly forgotten with only mentions of it being present within the forbidden scrolls. The sheer age of when this was accomplished meant that many later era Qwardians had forgotten the existence of the Qwa-Portal to Turi.

The Void Hound


The Maltusian moon of Turi.

By the modern age, Commander Irik T. Roval of the Thunderers of Qward rose to the position of Highlord of Qward after slaying Varnathon of Q'uld and claiming the Weapons of Rengar. After becoming the leader of the Qwardian Empire, he vowed to bring back the great glory of his people as conquerors of the Multiverse. Thus, he dabbled in the ancient legend of the Void Hound and gave the coordinates to his followers to take him to the Nephelithospheric Crustplates where his minion claimed that he not been given the directions of the Portal - he would have doubted its very existence. Furthermore, the gateway took sometime to activate as it had not been used in millennia by the Qwardians. He was later informed that it would take the energy of a small star in order to reactivate the Qwa-Portal to which Highlord Roval commanded that Irdni star be taken as the inhabitants of that system had proven disrespectful to the Qwardians. With the act done, the Portal activated with Irik T. Roval taking Diataria Lysis and Councilman Graxitus to the Maltusian moon of Turi where he unveiled his plans to recover the ancient Void Hound to use against their enemies.


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